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PUBG Wasn’t the first Battle Royale game

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Player’s Unknown Battleground’s Developers Blue Hole Recently filed a lawsuit case against Fortnite for copying its art and style. That’s like saying Call Of Duty Copied battlefield or battlefield Copied Call of duty. If they think that Fortnite is copying their art and style, then they are entirely wrong. Player’s Unknown Battleground Wasn’t the first ever Battle Royale game. Does anyone remember Minecraft Hunger Games or Arma 2? Well, Player’s Unknown Battleground is merely copying Arma 2 Because they both have the same art and style also Arma 2 was released before any other battleground game Expect Minecraft hunger games. That makes Blue Hole Look stupid. They are raging because Fortnite is now getting more successful than your game. Player’s Unknown Battleground’s Developer Blue hole looks like a 10-year-old kid ranting on dark souls and filing a case for failing. Player’s Unknown Battleground needs to learn from epic games how to optimise a match. Player’s Unknown Battleground on Xbox one was like an unfinished game. It ran on like 20 fps.

PUBG on Xbox One And Xbox One X was released on 12 December last year. But there was a bit of issue in the performance of PUBG compared to PC Xbox one, and One X was lagging high. Fps was falling under 30. PUBG still received performance patches that helped to get on stable 30fps but sometimes even 20 it was feeling a bit less laggy. But we asked Microsoft and BlueHole. They Said it’s not the one x’s hardware it’s about optimisation and the game on one x is still in beta and we are trying our best. On the Next patch, we will make it 1080p 60fps and 4k stable 30fps.  We asked them when will the patch arrive and when will PUBG leave early access to Xbox. They said until June 2018 PUBG will run poorly and after June 2018 it will run greatly.  The full game will release between June-September.

As of now. No one knows exactly if its the optimisation or the hardware. Microsoft is saying its just the lazy optimisation of BlueHole And BlueHole Said Yes it’s our optimisation but will it be fixed?

And How will they fix it?

No one exactly knows that.

Our Thoughts are No.

BlueHole is a company filled with some nonsense

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