PUBG Mobile information

Written by Ankit Gaba

Player’s unknown battleground is a popular game on PC and its coming to Xbox this 12th December, and now it is coming to mobile too. But When? We don’t know I think it will be in beta in 2018 and it will be fully complete in 2019. But we still have no information for ps4 maybe its Xbox exclusive. It will be a downgraded version of PC and Xbox. By the way, PUBG is now the second best selling game for PC. It has beaten Terrain and it’s now close to Minecraft sales this month it sold 5 million so 20+5=25 while the Minecraft sales are 27 million. Now it is really close to Minecraft.

Do you think will it beat Minecraft in the sales? comment below

Look at the mobile trailer’s screenshot looks good right? But not as the PC and Xbox version, of course, it will be different cause Xbox and PC are like 99 Percent more powerful than mobiles. But it still looks absolutely stunning for a mobile game you know mobile games don’t have that much good graphics. I think this will be one of the best games on mobile. So basically the release date maybe late cause of the optimisation it needs to be heavily optimised because imagine GTA V optimised to mobile would take ten years. and mobiles don’t have that much power maybe PUBG will run 60fps on phones like iPhone x, Note 8 and tablets like iPad pro.

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