PUBG Launched on xbox one Ps4 version news and more

Written by Ankit Gaba

Yes PUBG is finally released on Xbox One. And it is Xbox One X enhanced it will run at native 4k resolution on Xbox one x. Well, every patched game does run native 4k on Xbox one x.  some sony fans say that its 1440p or dynamic resolution but its native 4k and on pc and Xbox one in PUBG they released a new map. Check this screenshot of the map.

Look at the textures of the map looks like your in somewhere in Dubai’s desert safari this map looks really great you can’t complain about anything, and maybe there will be camels who knows? But what type of vehicles will there be? I personally think of Jeeps and the weapons? They will be the same, and we have some more news on the PS4 version.

Yes, its official there will be no ps4 version this game will be Microsoft exclusive.

There is no another news on mobile version but how well optimised will it be?

Only the developers know that this game cannot even run properly on some PCs but then how will it run on our phones that’s the question for the mobile version and its confirmed to be released in somewhere between 2018-2020 but yet there will be no PS4 version there were many expectations for the PS4 version but it turned out to be a Microsoft exclusive. And we have some more news on maps but check these desert map screenshots first.


Now in this screenshot,  it looks like a cowboy game where we can ride horses this is a screenshot from the desert city in PUBG look at those houses and buildings. How many guns could be hidden there? Many guns and vehicles would be there that’s a good thing for all the PUBG gamers.

Now here’s a screenshot of the minimap shows several things like military base some random villages and towns too. There’s a military base on the left north side of the corner. There could be many weapons hidden there and tanks too just imagine using a tank with your squad in. That’s just simply great just jump in the tank and destroy the enemies but be aware of the other tanks. But this is not just a normal tank game this is a battle royale game, and there’s news for fortnite there is gonna be a new 50 V 50 multiplayer mode too.

Here comes the other new map looks great looks snowy to me. Look at the textures of the rocks the textures are just simply great. The grass textures and the wood textures are just fantastic. This map could be the one of the greatest in PUBG. But when would it be playable? The answer is sometime in 2018 this will be on both Xbox One and PC so it could be great. But what type of vehicles would be there? I think normal vehicles like other maps. Or how about airplanes? That could be a great idea for PUBG to add more type of vehicles like helicopters.

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