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Psychonauts 2 to release on 25 August

Psychonauts 2 to release on 25 August
Written by Ankit Gaba

Psychonauts 2’s release date might have just been leaked by ResetEra. This game is scheduled to release on August 25th, according to them, because it is placed between 2 games that are scheduled to release on 25th August.
Image of Psychonauts 2 on Steam in between 2 other games releasing on August 25
However, I would recommend you to take this with a grain of salt, but according to PSU, the release date for Days Gone was leaked in a similar manner. Even though this could be fake Double Fine Productions is apparently planning on shipping its 20th anniversary art book in August 2021, which could co-relate with the game’s release.
This game was recently rated in Germany as well, which means that we are very close to a release date; however it could get delayed if Covid-19 ends up affecting the development of Psychonauts 2 even more, so hope for the best and prepare for the worst when you see this game.
I think that we will definitely see more stuff related to the sequel of Psychonauts at this year’s E3, and they will reveal a proper release date there, so keep an eye out for this game at Xbox’s E3 2021 Presentation.
We will be covering as much content as we can for E3 2021.
What do you think about the release date of Psychonauts 2 possibly being 25th August? Please let us know in the comments below.

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