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PS5 to be priced at 399$ according to leaks

Written by Ankit Gaba

The Xbox Series X may have won in terms of power but the price matters too.

The website Play N Trade has started accepting pre-orders.

Recently, a person on their Facebook page asked about the price of the PlayStation 5


They replied with 559$ it’s a Canadian store so the price converted from 559$ to USD is 394$

There was also a patent about Gaming for the visually impaired for PS5 check it out below:

The Patent stated

“A system includes a portable device for providing tactile feedback to a user, and a handheld games controller, a tactile pad including a plurality of touch elements for generating a respective tactile output, and a processor configured to receive the text information and to control the tactile output of at least some of the touch elements based on the received text information; the handheld games controller including a touch-sensitive surface; and where the portable device is positioned over the touch-sensitive surface, and pressure applied by a user onto the portable device is relayed to the touch-sensitive surface of the handheld games controller.”

The patent outlines how the current PlayStation accessibility features are limited and they also stated a way to fix it like the text to speech feature it could make gaming immersive for visually impaired people.

This could be like the Xbox adaptive controller which helped a lot of disabled gamers around the world. Things can be read through tactile feedback. Sony is exploring several ways through which to make use of said tactile attachment for DualShock and ensure first-party exclusives to have improved accessibility features in the future.

They have already said that the PS5 Controller will feature haptic feedback.


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