PS3 Owners are unable to download Games before the PS3 Store Shut Down

Written by Ankit Gaba

PS3 Owners are facing some trouble while downloading their games after the announcement of the PS3 and Vita Store shutting down many people are already buying the games they cannot get physically, Sony has also confirmed that you will be able to download your previously purchased content even after the shutdown, but for some reason, everyone is facing issues even before the announcement
Many people on Twitter have reported that they are getting an error while trying to download Games on PS3; they just get the 80029509 error.

Hopefully, Sony fixes this soon, but Reddit has already found a way to fix this issue; you can u//MagicalHopStep on Reddit has found a way to fix this error. Here’s how you can fix the error:

  1. First, you need to logout your account on your PS3
  2. Log into PSN using this link
  3. Enable Two Factor Authentication
  4. Turn off your PS3 and reset your WiFi Router
  5. Turn on your PS3 and log in to your account
  6. Go into account management and activate your console
  7. Download the games you previously wanted to

Many people have reported that this fix has helped them download their games again. I really hope Sony provides a fix to everyone without having to do these steps, but for now, you can download your games by doing the steps given above. If you still have any issues after doing these steps, then all you can do is wait for an official fix by Sony.
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