PlayStation’s Spanish Division to release 11 Indie PlayStation Exclusives in 2021

PlayStation’s Spanish Division to release 11 Indie PlayStation Exclusives in 2021
Written by Ankit Gaba

PlayStation Talents which is run by PlayStation Spain and helps in making dreams of Spanish developers true, are helping 11 Developers releasing their games this year. Clid the Snail, KEO, The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo, The Crown of Wu, The Library of Babel, Do Not Open, Twogether, Wukong, Inner Ashes, Operation Highjump, and Aeterna Noctis are the games that are set to be released this year by PlayStation Spain.
The output from PlayStation seems pretty insane it shows you how much they care about the people who own their Consoles and Indie Developers.

Here are the Indie Games from PlayStation that are set to be released this year, with some of the footage.

Aeterna Noctis

Aeterna Noctis is the most hyped PlayStation Talents game with over 100K Views on PlayStation USA’s Official YouTube Channel. It is developed by AETERNUM GAME STUDIOS. They have described Aeterna Noctis as a game with “traditional 2D Metroidvania mixed with modern gameplay mechanics and environmental storytelling”. You will get the chance to take the role of the King of Darkness, and you must regain your power while exploring the vast lands of “aterna” around 16 various and connected areas in the usual Metroidvania Style. This game features very fast-paced combat. AETERNUM GAME STUDIOS have described the story of this game as “exciting and deep.”

Clid The Snail

Personally, this is the best game by PlayStation Talents I have seen so far. We interviewed the Weird Beluga Studio (The Developers behind Clid The Snail) last year as well where they revealed more information about this game. Clid, The Snail, was the winner of the Best Game Of The Year award in the VI Edition of the PlayStation®Talents Awards last year, and it is distributed by Koch Media (One of the biggest Video Game distributors in the world) which tells you how big this PlayStation Talents thing will get.
This game lets you play as a Snail called “The Clid” It’s a twin-stick shooter type action-adventure game featuring a wide variety of weapons.

Inner Ashes

Inner Ashes is developed by Calathea Game Studio. In this game, you play as Henry, who is a retired forest ranger and suffers from early Alzheimer’s. You will have to recover his memories and discover important stuff, such as why he and his daughter Enid have been estranged for so long. This game was awarded the PlayStation Special Commitment Award at the VI Edition of the PlayStation Awards for its social awareness of this disease. This game is set to be released this year but does not have a specific release date.

Operation Highjump

Operation Highjump is developed by Mansion Games. It is a 2D run & gun, an action game with some tactical and adventure elements, based on the mysterious legends of World War II – a game that will surely appeal to nostalgic players. This game will update the classic gameplay of old-school games to a new generation of players. It is set to be released this year but does not have a specific date currently, which is the same case for Inner Ashes.

The Library of Babel

The Library of Babel is a very dark game that features Stealth Platforming which I am yet to see in a game. The Library of Babel is set in a futuristic world, and in this game, players will take control of a character called “Ludokiv”, a robotic entity that is sent to gather data about the human race, which has been extinct for centuries. This part seems a bit Nier influenced to me. I am definitely looking forward to this. Ludovik will have to interact with Jungle “People” (Confused about this part), and they will have to explore more dangerous places in order to solve the dark mystery of Library.
This game is developed by Tanuki Game Studios.

The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo

The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo, developed by Gammera Nest, is described as a whimsical point and click adventure with a surreal story, astounding art and funny puzzles. The character Mr. Coo gets trapped and broken into different pieces. He has no idea whatsoever, and nothing makes sense to him.
This seems like a fun game to me, to be honest.


KEO is an online multiplayer vehicle combat game set in a sci-fi post-apocalyptic setting. It features several classic game modes players have come to expect in vehicle combat games such as Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Racing, etc. Alongside several vehicles, the game will feature several weapons and cosmetic customization options. It is developed by REDCATPIG Studios

The Crown of Wu

The Crown of Wu Developed by Red Mountain, a third-person action-adventure filled with action, combat, parkour and puzzles. Set in a world where powerful robots are attacking the local population, Wu will have to recover his old powers in order to face the ultimate villains that threaten his world’s existence. No trailer was sent to us by PlayStation Jaleo PR for this.
It is set to be released this year.


In Twogether, developed by Flaming Llama Games, you will get to Meet Rafi and Sam, two gifted kids that will have to use, and combine, their special powers in order to escape from the factory where they are imprisoned. Twogether: Project Indigos is a third person puzzle-platformer that will show you the value of friendship. It is set to be released this year


Wukong developed by A Tale Of Games is an action and 3D platformer influenced by classic platformer games that offers new ways to overcome the challenges. Control Wukong, the legendary Monkey King, able to defeat his foes by using his magic staff, which he can throw or use it to hit those in close range. His staff also has the power of turning into a platform that will make Wukong able of overcoming all kinds of obstacles and traverse the levels. Wukong is set to be released this year.

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