Outer Worlds 2 to be announced at E3 2021 according to new reports

An Image of Key Art of Outer Worlds DLC
Written by Ankit Gaba

Outer Worlds 2 is getting closer and closer to being real. A while ago, we reported that Xbox owns the publishing rights for Outer Worlds, and they can create a sequel now Jez Corden has said in his latest article that he has been told Outer Worlds 2 maybe announced Jez stated: “I’ve also been told that, surprisingly, Outer Worlds 2 may be announced.” While this does not confirm anything yet but Jez Corden is a really reliable person in terms of Video Game leaks.
Obsidian is already working on Avowed and Grounded, but Jez Corden thinks that there’s only a 50-50 Percent chance of Avowed being at E3 2021. Jeff Grubb has stated that it might not be present at Xbox’s E3 2021 Presentation.
An Image of Outer Worlds Key Art
However, Jeff Grubb has been wrong multiple times in the past, but he’s still reliable. I personally think that we might see trailers for Grounded, Avowed and Outer Worlds 2 because Xbox is just focusing on making more and more exclusive games for now, and since they have bought Bethesda, they might as well make another Fallout game with Obsidian.
I feel like this time, Xbox’s E3 Conference might be really special, especially after all those accusations and current marketing deals. Hopefully, we see Elden Ring at that event as well since An Elden Ring Trailer is closer than you think.
I still have not completed Outer Worlds. I am not a really big fan of it so far either, but again that’s just me. I do not like the Gunplay, but I might as well give the game another try if a sequel gets revealed.
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