Nintendo Switch Becomes The Fastest Selling Console

Written by Ankit Gaba

Nintendo released Their New Console Known As Nintendo Switch Last Year. Now Nintendo Switch Has Successfully Succeeded in the gaming industry. It has Become The Fastest Selling Gaming Console. Nintendo Switch Outsold Xbox And Playstation Last Year. Nintendo Was 1st Xbox Was 2nd, And Playstation Was 3rd Xbox one x sold twice that ps4 pro sold from its launch in two days. Well, No one knows How much Xbox consoles were sold last year, but according to game stops, Xbox outsold PlayStation while switch outsold both of them. The Previous Fastest selling console was  Wii it sold 4 million units while the Nintendo switch sold 4.8 Millon Units.

Nintendo’s Exclusives are the main thing about Nintendo Switch. The Legend Of Zelda Even Got Game Of The Year Award Last Year.  Nintendo Also Said That The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is Nintendo Switch’s Best Selling Game And The Second Best Selling Game Is Super Mario Odyssey which is also a great game. Nintendo Is Expecting To Outsell Xbox And Playstation’s Life Time Sale With The Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Got Everything in their console. expect one thing Resolution its resolution is 720p-1080p While Ps4 pro’s Resolution is 1440p. And Xbox One X’s Resolution is native 4k. It also lacks power and battery its battery only lasts 3 Hours. But still, it’s a great console.


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