Nintendo Labo Things You Need To Know

Written by Ankit Gaba

So Recently Nintendo Launched a new trailer for Labo. But what does it do? Is it a functional thing or just for decoration? Yes, It’s a technical Working Cardboard. You can Turn it into a Car, Bike, House, Piano And Hell Yeah Even a VR set

This is the VR Set for Nintendo switches Also known as Nintendo labor. You can Get a Free Robot Game With Nintendo Labo. Well, it’s Just a cardboard that can almost turn into anything. The New Nintendo Labo Starts from 70$ And There are 2 Nintendo Labo in one which can turn into VR, and the other one can turn into nearly anything. Well Like Playstation They Are Not Using Technolgy of Materials, But The Nintendo Labo Still Seems To Be Fun.

Imagine Playing Super Mario Odyssey While Your Nintendo Switch Is in a Cardboard House Seems Fun or to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild WIth VR Nintendo is using technology with those motion sensors.

But That’s Not Enough You Can Even Use Your Nintendo Switch As a Remote control Toy Now You can turn it into a spider or something and use your switch for the remote well excellent use of technology there, but still it seems to be a bit awkward because its made out of cardboard.

Yes, It’s A Fishing Pole. You Can Use This Fishing Pole To Play Fishing Games On Nintendo Switch Well That’s Such an Innovative Great idea By Nintendo You Can Play Any Fishing Game Easily WIth This Fishing Pole.

 Ok, Now imagine playing Super Mario Kart 8 On this Bike That Would Be So Cool, And There are even speakers Built in the Nintendo Labo That’s Just So Cool Imagine Playing Fast RMX, RedOut Or Cars 3: Driven To Win That’s Just a Great Idea.

Look At That Remote Controlled Nintendo Spider You Can Turn It In Every Direction. Or Take It on the go and play with your friends with this or even troll them.

Look At That Stick Figure With A Nintendo JoyCon Attached To it When You Touch Or Vibrate it will fall. The stick figure will drop.

And This Is The Robot Game That’s Free With Labo The Physics In this Game Are Awesome You Can Even Destroy everything with your bare hands in this game The Satisfaction of destruction would be excellent for this game

.Hey What About Turning Your Nintendo Switch To A Chicken Well That Seems Pretty Weird What Games Would You Play While You’re Controlling A Chicken That’s Awkward Because They Need A Chicken Game For That Like The Legend Of Zelda: Chicken Of The WIld

Just Kidding

Or Turn Your Nintendo Switch To a camera To Take Some Pictures, Yes You Can Take Real Pictures With This We Asked Nintendo Support About That And They Confirmed That This Camera Can Take Pictures Well That’s Just Great.

But What About Colours Yes You Can Use Colours on your Nintendo Labo The Colours are free with Nintendo Labo That As You Can See In This Screenshot it’s a pretty cool looking Motorbike.

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