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Next Gen Xbox To Be Named Xbox Infinity And What To Expect?

Written by Ankit Gaba

It’s Confirmed That The Next-Gen Xbox Will be Code-Named As Xbox Scarlett, but we don’t know about its full name? Do we? But According to the Rumours it will be named Xbox Infinity Or Xbox Infinite Just Like Halo Infinite. It’s Not decided yet but we do know that it’s code name is Xbox Scarlett. The major thing that we know is that Phil Spencer said “The next Xbox will focus on both CPU and GPU meanwhile the Xbox One X Mainly focused on it’s GPU. It doesn’t mean that they will downgrade it’s GPU for its CPU” That means The Xbox Scarlett will be twice more powerful than the Xbox one x. What Can We Expect? We could get some major information about Xbox scarlet later this year or at next year’s E3 briefing. Xbox Scarlet Will Release in the year 2020 meanwhile Playstation 5 is also releasing in 2020. The Xbox One X Uses GDDR5 Technology, and it’s confirmed that the next generation Xbox Scarlett will use GDDR6 Technology. That means it will run all games in 4K and most of the games will be 60 fps. But what about the backwards compatibility on Xbox Scarlett? Yes, Xbox Scarlett Will Be backward compatible with Xbox One that means you can play most of your Xbox one games on Xbox Scarlett Well that’s not it. Xbox Scarlett will also play The Original Xbox games and The Xbox 360 Games. Well, That’s  Fantastic.

But What About The Exclusives?
Xbox Scarlett Will Improve on Exclusives That’s Why Microsoft acquired 5 new studios. And they said that they are into acquiring more studios. Which Studio Will They Acquire Next? Find it out on Gamescom 2018. Xbox Scarlett Will have 20+ Exclusives on its launch year. Excluding backward compatible exclusives. Including Them? 200+ Exclusives.

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