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Next Batman Game Confirmed?

Written by Ankit Gaba

Court of Owls was the best Batman story of the last decade. This has me interested even though I would love a Flash or Green Lantern game.

Could you imagine what they could do with Green Lantern? Make it a Mass Effect style game that spans the entire universe with multiple galaxies and planets to go to.

Since a Green Lantern’s abilities are only limited by the person’s imagination and strength of Will Power they could literally put 100’s of abilities in the game, from the force field to giant fists, to machine guns and any other ranged and melee weapons you can think of.

The game shouldn’t follow any known Lanterns. It should be a new character that you create with multiple races to choose from.

WB Montreal also developed Batman Arkham Origins. The game was kinda good but it was underrated.

The leak was teased by this tweet:

But WB Montreal won’t be at game awards according to an employee at WB Montreal.

To be honest We truly believe all of the WB Studios are trolling everyone and have been since the job listings were posted from Montreal. & Rocksteady could be working on the Harry Potter game.

But still, What Do You Think? Comment below to let us know.


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