Nintendo Switch Games From China Are Region Locked

Written by Ankit Gaba

Thanks to @ZhugeEx on twitter who brought this to our attention. In China, the Nintendo Switch games are published by Tencent, and they won’t work on Global Nintendo Switch Consoles. Daniel Ahmad(@ZhugeEx) said “Tencent Nintendo Switch consoles can play Tencent published games and import games. However, import games cannot access Tencent servers for online play. Global Switch consoles can play any game from any region except these Tencent published games for Mainland China.” it means that only Tencent or Chinese Nintendo Switch Consoles can play the Nintendo Switch Games that are published by Tencent. He further stated “One reason behind this weird reverse region lock system is because Tencent published games are priced at RMB 299 (Approx $40). This might explain why global Switch users cannot purchase physical or digital Tencent published games because Nintendo would miss out on that $20.”

This happens because of the Chinese Government. They are too strict when it comes to Video Games all Content has to go through certification.

a Chinese Nintendo Switch can play games from other regions but a Normal Nintendo Switch can’t play games that are Chinese, Seems weird, doesn’t it?

Nintendo Probably Doesn’t want people to buy games from China because Tencent gets a lot of royalties. Nintendo Switch in China is Tencent’s System You will have to link your Tencent account on it to play games, Chinese Switch owners don’t have the same Nintendo E-Shop too it’s somehow edited by Tencent.

So whenever you go to China just don’t buy a Nintendo Switch game unless you have a Chinese Nintendo Switch.

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