More Starfield Footage has been leaked online

Written by Ankit Gaba

Yesterday, Some Starfield footage was leaked on Youtube, the same person that leaked the previous footage has leaked some new Starfield footage.

Yesterday, he posted this video:

We haven’t heard anything about Starfield since the announcement we will probably find out more about Starfield at a Bethesda Digital Event later this year.

ICYMI: Bethesda isn’t hosting a digital event in June 

Here’s the new footage that has been leaked today

UPDATE: The video has been removed from Youtube but we managed to record it before it was deleted so check it out on this link:

The Description of the previous video said “21.12.21″ perhaps that could be the release date for Starfield.

In previous news:

Previously Jason Schreier said that GTA VI is in early development but Tez has said that ”

I’m not gonna doubt Jason, I’m sure he has contacts, knows some people from the industry which includes Rockstar, he’s the type of guy who vouches for improving the health and conditions of developers, always taking the developer side before the publisher, it makes sense that he would be in contact with multiple sources, but even if we take all of the info he shared into account, it doesn’t turn him into a god figure who can’t commit mistakes.

Him saying the next title is still in early stages of development is most likely a mistake, I’m positive it already passed early stages of development, there’s no way it’s still stuck on that stage. It’s 60% to 70% done from what I have heard.”


Tez has leaked many things related to GTA Online

as you can see Tez is a pretty reliable leaker.

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