Dreams PS4 has been rated “T” by ESRB

Written by Ankit Gaba

Dreams PS4 has officially been rated “T” ESRB mentioned “This is a game development utility in which players are given the tools to create a variety of games. Players use in-game templates to create different game genres, applying art, audio, music, and animation tools to the process. One template allows players to use a cartoony blaster to shoot boxes and other objects from a first-person perspective. Playable demos include games in which animal characters engage in third-person melee combat; characters use hammers and projectiles to attack fantastical enemies (e.g., bouncing heads, statues). The word “sh*t” appears in one of the demos.”

They censored it because the word “sh*t” appears in one of the demos.


keep reading if you want to know more about Dreams.

Dreams PS4 is officially coming out on 14th February this year (currently in early access) it is being developed by Media Molecule. They are the Developers that have previously created well-known games like Little Big Planet 1 and 2. Dreams is a game where you create your games or your own “dreams”. The Early Access for this game began on 16th April 2019, and many users have already created some breath-taking games.


You’re, probably wondering how is a game like Dreams gonna change the Gaming Industry. The Game itself is revolutionary. It acts as a game engine. There was a game like this called “Project Spark”, but it was too limited. Dreams PS4 has no limits. You can even do things like motion capturing.

The game focuses on User-Based Creations, but it will include a normal Single-Player Campaign too. Dreams literally like a Game Dev Simulator since it even features Community Jams or as most of the indie developers call it a “Game Jam”. Game Jams are a competition in which you have to create a game on a given theme and in a limited amount of time. It will encourage more and more people to try out real game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine 4 and create games or participate in real Game Jams.

You can use your Dualshock Controller or Your Playstation Move controller for sculpting and designing your Dreams/Games to design characters on the DualShock 4 controller you have to use your touchpad as a mouse.

Dreams will also allow you to use pre-created game assets by other People just like Unity does, So it will make Dreams or User-Created games very easy to create.

Don’t forget that Dreams will allow you to do Voice Acting through your mic or you can download sound effects from your PC and transfer them to your PlayStation so you can use them in Dreams.

and the best part about making your Dreams/Games in Dreams PS4 is that you don’t have to do Coding at all, You can create your characters too by Sculpting or Drawing them

Users have already created many Great Projects, and some are Photo Realistic like look at the image given below this breakfast was made in Dreams by a developer named “John Beech” It’s amazing to see how you can create fabulous things like this in Dreams.

We should not forget that Cooperative multiplayer is also featured in Dreams PS4 which will allow you to create games with your friends, and it will make the process of creating a game in Dreams very easy. You can also do intensive game making in Dreams PS4 because of the Cooperative multiplayer. Each person can focus on a particular object on the game like if one person is focusing on the level design the other can focus on the character design at the same time.

Dreams PS4 will also allow people to create multiplayer experiences and don’t forget about Split Screen, or Couch Co-Op Games.

Dreams PS4 is like if Media Molecule created a game engine without the part of Programming. Dreams is a game engine, and you get to play a lot of games at no additional cost,

It’s unbelievable how this game has only a little amount of hype, Dreams PS4 is the next step in gaming. It deserves some more attention. We would recommend you to Pre-Order Dreams PS4 right now on the PlayStation Store.

We are hyped for Dreams PS4, but we would like to know What your current opinions are on Dreams PS4? Please let us know in the Comment Section.

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