Metroid Dread Revealed

Written by Vince Abella

Metroid is gonna finally see another entry in the franchise. While it doesn’t feature shooter gameplay mechanics, it returns to the side-scrolling 2D platforming action seen in the original games. The new game will feature tons of new enemies for Samus to face off against and will see a release on Nintendo Switch later this year. The reveal came early in the event and showed off mechanical, robotic opponents for Samus to fight against. It will be the first game in the long-running series in four years after Metroid Samus Returns released in 2017 to positive reviews.


This game had been rumoured for so long, and at long last, it has been confirmed to be in development with a release date of October 8. The side-scroller gameplay will feature intense action as Samus battles her way through her new foes and creatures in different locations, with some foes that she cannot do anything against except merely flee from due to their immunity to her signature energy blasts. Metroid Dread’s official gameplay is yet to be seen, with the trailer showing footage of what the game would potentially look like, and one can only anticipate what is to come from the newest instalment in the franchise.

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