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Leaks say that GTA VI is 60 to 70 percent done

Written by Ankit Gaba

Previously Jason Schreier said that GTA VI is in early development but Tez has said that ”

I’m not gonna doubt Jason, I’m sure he has contacts, knows some people from the industry which includes Rockstar, he’s the type of guy who vouches for improving the health and conditions of developers, always taking the developer side before the publisher, it makes sense that he would be in contact with multiple sources, but even if we take all of the info he shared into account, it doesn’t turn him into a god figure who can’t commit mistakes.

Him saying the next title is still in early stages of development is most likely a mistake, I’m positive it already passed early stages of development, there’s no way it’s still stuck on that stage. It’s 60% to 70% done from what I have heard.”


Tez has leaked many things related to GTA Online

He also leaked the Casino Update.

as you can see Tez is a pretty reliable leaker

In previous news:

Earlier, today a Twitter user posted Concept Art for WB’s Cancelled Superman Game, and Suicide Squad Game. Previously, there were rumours that Rocksteady was working on a Superman game but they declined that later on, They were probably working on it, but it might have been cancelled due to some sort of issues.


This might have been the world for Superman game, It was most likely an open-world game just like Spider-Man PS4, but instead of swinging around, we could have flown instead. It’s a shame that the game got cancelled.

This is the Concept Art for the Suicide Squad game, as, you can see in the image the feds are trying to get the Suicide Squad together.

This is the concept art for the Character model of Harley Quinn, but the real question is how could a Suicide Squad game have worked?

It could have either been like Marvel’s Avengers which is an online co-op game (can be played offline for most of the aspects) or it could have been like Marvel’s Ultimate alliance which is a local co-op game. but again both of the games are cancelled, and they will most likely never release.

Let’s talk about the games WB are currently working on.

According, to Jason Schreier Warner Brothers, are working on a New Harry Porter game, a new Batman game, and Rocksteady’s game which is currently unknown.

WB might take the same step as Xbox, and Ubisoft to host a Digital Conference because of the E3 Cancellation.

IGN is also hosting an event called “Summer Of Gaming” Partners supporting the event include Square Enix, Sega, Bandai Namco, Amazon, Google, Twitter, Devolver Digital, THQ Nordic, and others with publisher presentations planned alongside IGN-led content such as interviews, demos, and discussions.

WB might be included too if they are not they will host a digital conference to announce their upcoming games.

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