Josef Fares set to reveal his next game soon

Written by Ankit Gaba

Josef Fares (The Person behind F The Oscars, A Way Out, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons) is set to reveal his game soon, according to Jeff Grubb (An insider and a writer for venture beat). Jeff Grubb has also said that PlayStation 5 will be revealed in early June, but that’s a topic for another time.

Jeff Grubb replied to a tweet about Josef Fares with “Well, get ready for more of it soon.” Josef Fares could reveal his game on EA Play which is supposed to be on 11th June.

Here’s what we know about Josef Fares’s next game so far:

“We’re working on something very interesting that we can’t talk about in detail just yet, but be prepared for an experience like you’ve never had before!”

Josef Fares also posted a “teaser” on Twitter last year:

We also know that his next game is supposed to be multiplayer, and it will make you say “What the —-“, Last year in an interview with our friends at VG247 Josef fares said “I like to make [players] not know what’s going on, surprise them, like a rollercoaster,” Fares explained of his design ethos. “With Brothers and A Way Out, especially the ending, people go, ‘What the heck is going on?’ The next game will be like that. That’s why I call it mind-f—ing”

“What I can say is it’s not A Way Out 2,” Fares explained about his next game, which isn’t a s*x game. “But if you look at Brothers, A Way Out, and the next game, you will see it’s the same studio that makes the game. But it will be something completely, totally different and it will be way more focused on trying to make the mechanics a part of the game, but it’s going to be something with a story that will remind of Brothers and A Way Out but in a very different way.

“I believe there’s a lot of potential in telling great stories for more than one person. If you look at the movies today, when we look at them together, we experience stories together. I believe that multiplayer story games are underestimated – there’s a lot of potentials there that I’d like to explore. But who knows, in the future, I’d like to try different stuff – it depends on what idea pops into my head.

“We could have done A Way Out 2 because A Way Out has been so successful, but I’m not interested in that, so the next game will be something different. There’s something about connecting two players that gets me going. The next game is going to an insane game mechanically. It’s going to be, oh my god, there’s so much mechanics – it’s impossible to get tired of it. You will be like ‘What the f—? What, what, what?’ It’s going to be like that. You’re going to get f—ed every 30 minutes. It’s not a s*x game but you’re going to get f—ed, trust me.”

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