Is Cloud Gaming The Future?

Written by Ankit Gaba

Well, We are about to enter the next generation of gaming. Is it bright? Is it wonderful? Yes, it is. There are many pros and cons of cloud gaming. So Let’s Just Get Started

Quality Of Your Internet:

You Need A Good quality internet connection because if you have a slow internet the game would have input lag on your device like it can go from 21 fps to 60 fps. You need a stable internet connection to game at 60 fps on cloud gaming programs like Nvidia Geforce now, Playstation Now and liquid sky.


Low Amount Of Price:

You need to pay only like 10$ a month for cloud gaming that’s just like paying for xbox live gold or playstation plus. but you get the whole PC. That’s the best thing about cloud gaming. it’s cheaper than buying a PC by yourself.

I think most people would prefer full 1920×1080 or 1440p in each eye, running at 120FPS, as this would be a a huge step up in both Image Quality and response times.
The overall experience would be much improved over the current standard.

Adding an extra link in the chain, by having to offload code to external servers would certainly screw with the experience of Sony tried using the cloud for next gen VR.
I think even current gen VR would suffer if it relied on VR.

Personally I’m hoping Sony can offer a wireless headset, no doubt a PS5 with an 8 Core 16 Thread Ryzen CPU at 3+GHz, 12+ TFlop Navi GPU and fast GDDR6 memory would be able to handle some gorgeous stuff at 120FPS in VR.
The experience would probably be sublime.

Personally I love my PSVR, it’s awesome, but I’d love it more if it was wireless and even more fluid, with better image quality.


The reason because Microsoft and Google concentrate so much on the cloud is due to both of them having their own Cloud platforms. They’re going to do everything to push the cloud initiatives they own.

Sony doesn’t run or own their own data centers. Sony rents their data centers for PSN so I don’t expect Sony to ever run large parts of their services through the cloud.¬†PSNow is not the best example of streaming or a cloud data center. Essentially PSNow usest stacks and stacks of what amount to dedicated PS3s (actual 3 per motherboard) in warehouses in very limited regional setup. Not exactly data centers in the same light that one would be referring to cloud service capabilities as with Microsoft. Amazon or Google (e.g virtual scaling up or down by region as easily as clicking a button or automatically with PlayFab). Microsoft spends billions a year supporting their data centers and will open over a dozen new data centers this year alone; growing dramatically for the past six years (54 regions and in 140 countries, delivering 1.6Pbps bandwidth per region – more than any other cloud provider.) That is the type of worldwide and regional scalability you will need to really support anything cloud-based in gaming.

Sony still today is not entirely self-reliant on their own data servers with PS services. They rent data services from other hosts like AT&T and Rackspace.

5G networks will be rolling out within the next couple of years, and the latency is supposedly so low that it can be used to perform surgeries remotely. I imagine in ten years cloud based services will begin to replace hardware solutions for many consumers. It’s what businesses want anyways. Complete control over how you use their products, while collecting a subscription fee. In 12 years, I imagine Playstation and Xbox will be services people use on their phones, which by then will replace many PCs as well if said cloud processes are reliable. Rest it on a charge pad that automatically projects to a screen. I could be wrong, and there are always niche markets that thrive, but it seems to be the way that things are headed.




Yes Cloud Gaming Will Be Great Because By 2020 we would have 5g network services they would have a 1-90 GBPs Speed So Overall it’s the future


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