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Speed Limit Interview with Gamechuck

Written by Ankit Gaba

We have recently reviewed the talented developers behind Speed Limit, which is the best indie game I have played in a while; you can check out my full review of Speed Limit here. I would really recommend you to buy Speed Limit, especially if you love Action games. Speed Limit constantly changes genres to remain unique and fun.
We asked Gamechuck some questions related to Speed Limit; you can read the interview below:

What were the main inspirations behind Speed Limit?

As there are many genres in Speed Limit, there are many more inspirations behind it, certainly more than for a typical one-genre type of game. Metal Slug, GTA, Spy Hunter, Freeway Fury, Road Rash, Mickey Mania, Earthworm Jim are a few of the classics that inspired Speed Limit.

What was the development budget of Speed Limit?

The development budget for Speed Limit was around 48.000€, which we first financed through our own funds and then through a publisher deal. The game itself was only full-time in development between July 2019 and July 2020, and the rest of the time before and after that period, we were working on it part-time along with our other projects.

How many people were involved in the development of Speed Limit?

Ten people worked on Speed Limit full-time. Igor Kolar was a creative director of the game, Jan Juracic served as a game designer and a narrative director, Jurica Cvetko was in charge of art, while Matija Malatestinic made the SFX and the soundtrack. In addition, three programmers worked on Speed Limit: Vanja Karanovic, Karlo Koscal, and Sara Pranjic. Igor Gajic was at the forefront of marketing and community management, while Aleksandar Gavrilovic, co-founder of Gamechuck, helped with game design and marketing. Lucija was incharge of PR and events.

What will Gamechuck work on after Speed Limit?

Gamechuck has been working on the Gamechuck Arcade, interactive comics, and an RPG adventure, Trip the Ark Fantastic, simultaneously with the development of Speed Limit. We’ll probably work on some other projects in the future, but I can’t tell you now what they will be.

Are there any plans for DLCs or even maybe a sequel?

We’ll see how the game will fare on the market very soon. With regards to the DLC, Steam (PC) gamers will get a free artbook and an OST. We’ll certainly be supporting the game after the release, issuing patches, and maybe some free updates too.

Are there any plans to feature Haptic Feedback (The new PS5 Technology) on Speed Limit?

Not for now, but if there’s an incentive and support from Sony, we’ll think about it.

Will Speed Limit get some sort of Mobile Port in the future?

For now, we’re just focused on PC and consoles. If an opportunity for a mobile port arises, we’ll consider it.

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