How WWE 2k20 could be a better game than WWE 2k19

Written by Ankit Gaba

WWE 2k20 should not be the same as WWE 2k19 but with updated roster, different developers are developing this game their name is Visual Concepts. Yukes have moved on to their own Project which could be with AEW check out our last article about the upcoming AEW game by clicking here.

Focusing more on Gameplay rather than Graphics


2k has worked on graphics for too long we want to see matches like there were in WWE 2k19 We want to see the house of horrors style matches rather than normal. they could also feature a pole match, an ambulance match or even an inferno match we just want it to be more “fun” there should be more of a variety to choose from. They should take inspirations from old wrestling games like Here Comes The Pain! and the SVR Series.

Better Career Mode


The career mode in 2k19 was actually pretty great but they could definitely improve the animations and the story. They shouldn’t just make it realistic they should make it fun. They should focus more on the quality rather than quantity. WWE 2K20 will feature a female MyCareer story alongside its male story for the first time which is pretty good.

Some New Modes


We want some new god damn modes they should probably do a General Manager mode it would be the best for them and us. General Manager Mode In WWE Games was the most popular mode, All you had to do is pick wrestlers for your brand and book matches. You could Start Rivalries Between Superstars and the primary goal is to win GM Of the year award. We haven’t seen a General Manager mode in a WWE game since 2007. We could either see the return of Road to Wrestlemania in the upcoming games or some brand new commissioner type of mode where you need to focus on the ratings if the other show has more/better ratings they win kinda works like the general manager mode. This is a thing 2k has failed to do for nearly a Decade. They could do a season mode or even a Road to Wrestlemania. That would make a lot of people happy. They can even do a create a custom story mode which we haven’t seen in a WWE game since 2k14.


Better Showcase mode

Showcase mode was pretty lackluster last year this year 2K Showcase is focused on the story of the Four Horsewomen/Women’s Evolution which is not that bad but might be for some players who want to play as Other male wrestlers but hey there’s still towers mode right?


What do you think? How should WWE 2k20 be better than 2k19?


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