How the AEW Game could be better than WWE 2k20

Written by Ankit Gaba

It is most certainly confirmed that there is an AEW game in development as there were some motion captures done by AEW also Young Bucks and Kenny Omega have already confirmed that there could be an AEW game out soon. Kenny Omega stated that we are going to get some information at the end of the year he further said that he cannot give us any details at the moment. Kenny Omega also said that he personally wanted to bring back the AKI Engine (The Engine that was used to make WWF No Mercy) and his favorite wrestling games were WWF No Mercy and Wrestlemania 2000. Yukes stated that they would not create any more WWE games so this could possibly a chance for AEW to hit up Yukes. Yukes also revealed that they are working on a new Pro Wrestling IP and a brand new engine also recently Yukes also followed AEW on twitter. SynSophia could also make the AEW Game. SynSophia were previously known as AKI Corporation, They were also the Developers of WWF No Mercy and Wrestlemania 2000. Kenny Omega also tweeted that ” Can you follow me if you like? I have something to talk about.” but later on he deleted that tweet.

After that SynSophia followed Kenny Omega on Twitter this is a possible hint that they talked through Direct Messages about the AEW Game.



Later on, MJF tweeted a 3d model of his head which could possibly be another hint but we cannot say that it’s for the video game because Action Figures also require a 3d model it’s confirmed that face scans happened for either action figures or a game.

That’s just the confirmation news let’s get to the main part about how the AEW game could be way better than WWE 2k20.


General Manager Mode:

General Manager Mode In WWE Games was the most popular mode, All you had to do is pick wrestlers for your brand and book matches. You could Start Rivalries Between Superstars and the primary goal is to win GM Of the year award. We haven’t seen a General Manager mode in a WWE Game since 2007 this could be a really good opportunity for AEW to have that mode in their game.

A Partnership with Other Promotions

AEW currently has only 71 Wrestlers if they considered a partnership with NJPW that would give them a huge boost NJPW fans would also buy the game because their favorite wrestlers would be included.

Better Career Mode

WWE 2k19 had a great career mode but AEW can do even better they can make it more realistic. They can even add a general manager career mode.

Better Story Mode

This is a thing 2k has failed to do for nearly a Decade. They could do a season mode knock off or even a Road to Wrestlemania Knock off. That would make a lot of people happy. They can even do a create a custom story mode which we haven’t seen in a WWE game since 2k14.


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  • It shouldn’t be like the older games the graphics should be better than wwe 2k20, it will definitely make it better

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