How Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Could Be The Best Star Wars Game Ever

Written by Ankit Gaba

Well, this generation Star Wars games lacked single-player content. EA has promised us that “Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order will be the best Star Wars game ever made. We think it is very possible since the game is mainly based on singleplayer. But what can make it happen? Here are the few things we think that can make Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order the best game ever


Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order will have an untold story of a padawan that survived the order 66. The Story seems pretty promising since it somehow is connecting to the Saga in different ways. Darth Vader trains the Second Sister (an inquisitor) The Empire Dispatches the Second Sister to hunt down the padawan. Darth Vader is one of the most iconic villains of all time. Since Darth Vader is in the game it already has an advantage of creating the best antagonist.



Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is being developed by Respawn Entertainment (The Creators Of Titanfall Series and Apex Legends) Respawn Entertainment has already proved them self to the industry but it is their first time developing a star wars game. That does not mean that Respawn will disappoint us.

No Micro-Transactions or Lootboxes

There won’t be any “Surprise mechanics” in this game according to EA and that is one of the best things EA has done in a while most of the people hated battlefront 2 because it had microtransactions and Disney forced EA to remove them but later they added Microtransactions again making the game worse.

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