How PES 2020 is better than FIFA 20

Written by Ankit Gaba

There has been a lot of competition between FIFA and PES but which game is better this year? There is a lot to compare. Both games have some new features but, which one has better features? Which one plays the best? Here are some comparisons between both of the games:


FIFA 20 career mode is almost the same as FIFA 19 but with minor changes to manager models meanwhile on the other side in PES 2020, there are a lot of changes in the Master League. They have now added a new interactive dialogue system which leads to the player’s/manager’s own personal story in many ways. They have also added a lot of new Cutscenes for Press Talks, Transfers, Managerial talks and Traning Sessions and they added some tension to the Derby Day too. The build-up to matches will be heightened, with specific cut scenes and storylines, media exchanges and motivational speeches with your players in the dressing room. PES 2020 also has more realistic transfers with realistic transfer fees and During pre-season, your manager watches your player while they train if the performance is good you will gain more fans on social media if it is bad the opposite will happen.

Better Player Models

PES 2020 has way better models than FIFA 20. Same about the animations. FIFA has used the same animations for almost 5 years. They have also made only a few changes to the Player Models as you can look in the image given above. The beard looks kinda unrealistic in FIFA and there is a sort of blue filter in FIFA 20 which makes it look even more weirder meanwhile, on the other hand, PES 2020’s Chiellini looks a lot more realistic than FIFA 20 look at the beard in PES 2020 you can’t even compare FIFA’s model with PES. PES is on another level.


FIFA 20’s Gameplay is similar to FIFA 19 and Yes, FIFA 20 has a lot of bugs in its gameplay sometimes when there are a lot of players in the box the frame rate drastically reduces on consoles (Tested on PS4 Pro and Regular PS4). You cannot score easily when this happens it is a major bug that needs to be fixed ASAP. On the other hand, PES 2020 has way better animations and the player moment feels more natural than FIFA 20. FIFA 20’s animations and the player moment feel more of a robotic type rather than humans playing some football.


Fifa has been more of the same for many years it feels like this year they just added the volta mode and did nothing else. They could have even added Volta mode in some sort of a DLC for FIFA 19 but nope it’s EA and you know them. FUT is also less rewarding than MYCLUB overall while playing MYCLUB you get better rewards and you want it to play more and more meanwhile it is opposite in FIFA 20. FUT is also nearly the same as FIFA 19 they still haven’t fixed their servers.


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