Horizon Forbidden West is not getting delayed to 2022

Written by Ankit Gaba

Recently there have been rumours about Horizon Forbidden West getting delayed. You should not take these rumours seriously because Sony’s latest advertisements are still saying that it is releasing this year according to the latest sponsored ads on Instagram by PlayStationIE; Horizon Forbidden West is still releasing in late 2021, which is in line with Jim Ryan’s latest interview. 

Jason Schreier (An Industry Insider and a Writer for Bloomberg) also commented on Horizon Forbidden West’s situation where someone said, “Horizon will be delayed to 2022 as well. Bet on it.” and Jason replied with “Maybe, but Horizon already got delayed” which means that Horizon Forbidden West has already been delayed internally once it was only supposed to release for PlayStation 4 first “Horizon Forbidden West started development soon after the first game’s successful release and was originally planned for PS4 before the focus shifted to Sony’s next-generation console, VGC’s sources said.”
These are not the only sponsored ads that state Horizon Forbidden West is releasing this year. A new PlayStation 5 Advertisement also states that Horizon Forbidden West is still coming this year.

We also contacted Sony about this rumour, and they have stated that it is still releasing this year.
These rumours come from the person who leaked news about Horizon Zero Dawn’s PC Port, but that was the only time he was right; he has been wrong many times. For example, recently, he said that there would be no big PS5 Launch Titles previously. Xbox Series X will have 12-16 Exclusives on Launch, which was straight-up wrong because PS5 had Spider-Man Miles Morales and Demon Souls Remake, which are major exclusives; this is not the only time he has been wrong; there are many other rumours started by him which turned out to be completely false.

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