Sekiro has won Game Of The Year 2019 at The Game Awards

Written by Ankit Gaba

Yes, It is true Sekiro has won Game Of The Year 2019 at The Game Awards. They Definitely deserved it From Software did an excellent job on Sekiro’s Combat and Lore. It also had a perfect Level Design and the Boss Fights were totally amazing. It is very much a souls game in spirit, just without the RPG elements and a stamina bar, but those never solely defined Souls anyway. Every other series staple (Bonfire-like checkpoints, Healing item that can be replenished after you rest at a checkpoint, NPCs having their own questlines, a focus on environmental storytelling, bar that fills up and inflicts you with a status ailment, doors that can’t be opened from one side, illusory walls, difficult but rewarding bosses) are present, and those have been in every game since Demon’s Souls.

We would like to congratulate FromSoftware for making such a fabulous game and we are definitely hyped up for Elden ring.

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