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What Do We Want From Halo 6?

Written by Ankit Gaba

Halo 5 was launched in 2015 after that we haven’t seen a new AAA Halo game. Halo 5 Got a massive success. But will halo 6 be able to get successful? It depends. We could see Halo 6 soon. Halo is Microsoft’s one of the leading franchises. Halo 3 was the best halo game no doubt, but it was developed by Bungie which is no longer under contract by Microsoft. Now 343 Industries Create Halo games. Halo Has never been same since 343 Industries Took Over Halo. We aren’t saying that 343 Industries are bad, but halo doesn’t seem like halo anymore. The old halo games were the best, and everyone agrees on that one. We need that old halo feeling in Halo 6. If it has the feeling then mark my words, it will sell millions of copies. Halo 6 Is most likely going to come out in 2019 or something. 343 are currently working on Halo 6. According To Manager Of 343 Industries Halo, 6 is not going to release this year, but It will probably get its first tease on E3. Halo 6 is going to be fantastic halo always has the best multiplayer but what about a battle royale mode? That’s a no from 343. It Just Would Not Fit in a halo game, but we could see some more amazing modes like split screen multiplayer. Like if you have two controllers, you and your friend can play, but now you can play online split screen with your friend. Even if he doesn’t have an Xbox one, he can play with you and other guys in online. Even with your online friends. In Halo 6 You could see master chief vs. Locke At the end of the game. One Lives One dies a sad death. What if both fight each other as heroes. That would be such a heroic battle where you get to choose who you get to play as in the battle. But That’s not it or it could either be Both Be Understanding each other at the end that none of them is bad and they fight the evil together once again. The main villain could be The Flood.

What Do We Want To See?

Split Screen: Halo 5 disappointed people without having split screen. Split Screen was one of the best features in Old halo games. But 343 Industries ruined halo five without having split screen. Split screen was such a cool feature. It was profoundly loved by old Halo players. It’s Confirmed that we will get split screen in Halo 6. Because earlier in 2017 343 Industries told that split screen is one of the best features in halo and it was missing from Halo 5 but don’t worry guys it will be back in the next halo game.

A Good Story: People were disappointed with the story of Halo 5 as it felt boring. A good story would improve Halo 6’s first impression and make people instantly buy the game just like the god of war has a great campaign a got a lot of success.  Everyone loves a good campaign. The best fight in Halo 6 would be master chief vs locke. That would impress a lot of people if master chief vs locke happened in halo 6.

A Better Multiplayer: Halo 5’s Multiplayer sucked for many reasons. We want a better and a new innovative multiplayer. Not a reskin of Halo 5’s multiplayer. We want a multiplayer like Halo 3 or Halo 2 because they had a great multiplayer everyone loved multiplayer in Halo 3 and Halo 2.

No Battle Royale Mode: Please 343 Industries don’t ruin halo’s multiplayer with a battle royale. Battle Royale modes are overused they just don’t fit in some games. We want a new mode not a battle royale mode because battle royale modes are just too popular and they are too boring.

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