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Games With Gold June 2018 Predictions

Written by Ankit Gaba

There are only a few days left for June’s Games with Gold announcement. And no one expects Microsoft knows that when will the games with gold for June 2018 will be revealed. there have been many good games on games with gold like last month they gave away super mega baseball 2, Metal gear solid V: phantom pain, Vanquish and Sega collection. The way it usually works is a couple larger and more well-known titles headline the list for the month. Our predictions are:


Mad Max was free with ps plus back Since we are seeing the huge title Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain come to Xbox Games with Gold after already coming to PS Plus in October 2017 (and is highly praised for it) it would seem like a fair assumption that Microsoft is taking steps to ensure its free games service stacks up well against its competitors. Secondly, Mad Max has been offered at sale prices on and off since its release in 2015, currently resting at just $10 or free with the Xbox Game Pass for another week at the time of writing.

2.Halo 5

Halo 5 would be great because e3 is so close and if they give us halo 5 we can get a hint about halo 6 and the fans would love halo 5 for free. Halo 3 was the best halo game no doubt, but it was developed by Bungie which is no longer under contract by Microsoft. Now 343 Industries Create Halo games. Halo Has never been same since 343 Industries Took Over Halo. We aren’t saying that 343 Industries are bad, but halo doesn’t seem like halo anymore. I would personally like halo 3 more but they have already given halo 3 away

3.Battlefield 1943 Or any other battlefield game.


Battlefield 1943 is the latest to be added to Xbox One’s backward compatibility list. The 2009 game was a value release that was only distributed digitally, but it picked up a strong following thanks to delivering lots of the Battlefield experience in a smaller package. so they could give away battlefield 1943 or any other battlefield game because battlefield v is coming later this year.

4.Tom Clancy’s Future soldier or any another tom clancy’s game

Because e3 is like 20 days away and Ubisoft already announced that there would be tom clancy’s division 2 at this year’s e3 but they also have an unannounced game that could be an assassin’s creed or tom clancy’s splinter cell well we don’t know anything about that it could even be a new IP. it would be great to have a tom clancy’s game for free.

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