Fury Unleashed Review

Written by Ankit Gaba

Game: Fury Unleashed

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Platform Reviewed On: PS4

Genre: Roguelike

Developer: Awesome Games Studio

Publisher: Awesome Games Studio


Fury Unleashed is an amazing rogue-lite, and it features both solo and co-op. The best way to play Fury Unleashed is on hard difficulty. My favorite thing about Fury Unleashed was the art-style. It’s a comic book-like art style. You can even see the edges of pages properly. It also has a Melee Combat, which is basically hack-n-slash. Fury Unleashed features an amazing run n gun system, and the game is very rewarding. You get different types of weapons on your way to the bosses.

Let’s talk about the Boss Fights. They are very challenging. If you are like me and you have played a lot of run n gun games, you won’t find the game very challenging, but you might find yourself left with very little health after defeating the bosses. Let’s talk about combos now. They are very easy to execute but hard to keep them up. You can also double jump by pressing L2 twice or X. I’m glad that you can jump with either L2 or X. The last run n gun roguelike game I played only had L2 as the jump button, and I prefer to use X since I have mostly played run n gun games that have used X as the default jump button.

Another great thing about Fury Unleashed is that it always remains fair to the players. If you are new to these types of games, I would recommend you play this game on Easy because it’ll remain fair to you in Boss Fights too. There are more details to notice in Fury Unleashed because of its comic book art style. It even says “Slash” or “Boom” in the comic book font when you slash or shoot an enemy, which is an amazing detail you can notice

Fury Unleashed has three different comic books which have four different chapters each, and they include the main boss fight, which is very challenging just like we mentioned previously, you’ll only be able to play Fury Unleashed is either easy or hard difficulty at first the other two levels would be even harder I have only finished the game once on Hard, so I cannot tell you much about the other two difficulties that you’ll unlock after beating Fury Unleashed on Hard

Fury Unleashed features an amazing artwork along with a lot of different enemy types within the first three comic books; it also features distinct types of weapons and armor along with 30 challenging mini-bosses, and nine main bosses you’ll have to unlock nine different heroes to make the game easier the skill tree is very easy to understand the best way to explain Fury Unleashed would be a 2D Doom Metrioidvania my favorite thing about Fury Unleashed is that each playthrough feels different from the previous one a lot of games get this wrong especially the last run n gun roguelike I played which was called Neon Abyss it got repetitive very quickly but I’m glad to say that this isn’t the case with Fury Unleashed because it features many different types of enemies, weapons and it is shorter than Neon abyss which gives it more replay value


Fury Unleashed is an amazing Roguelike, and it does a great job on the art style. I had no issues with Fury Unleashed, but I wanted more things related to the Story. For example, the Story doesn’t hold much weight. It’s nothing amazing, but it’s not bad either I hope they improve the lore and the Story of Fury Unleashed whenever they make a sequel to it. I would love to see a sequel because I adored the gameplay of Fury Unleashed



  • Amazing Comic Book-Like Art Style
  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Great Replay Value


  • The Story is mediocre and doesn’t hold any weight

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