Forza horizon 4 Location Rumours

Written by Ankit Gaba

Forza horizon games are pretty good its one of the best racing game series looks at these screenshots of Forza Motorsport 7.

The graphics are stunning in Forza games. Good job Microsoft but our news is not on that today.

Forza horizon four could be in Dubai or England it is not confirmed yet, but the rumours say that it’s Dubai well I would like to see it in Dubai cause of the buildings. Dubai is a right place for forza. You guys know Microsoft always listen to their fans so it could be in Dubai like everyone wanted Forza horizon 3 in Australia. And it was in Australia Microsoft is such a good company. It is always good to see a Forza game. The latest Forza game was pretty good in 4k 60 fps on the Xbox one x. Xbox one X is a pretty good console too its power is equal to a GTX 1070 which is a pretty good GPU. But will Forza horizon 4 be in Dubai or will it be in England? No one knows it could even be in Japan or somewhere in Asia like India?

But we don’t know anyways what do you think will it be in Dubai or Japan or England or India?


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