FIFA 22 will have a DRM which won’t let you install the game on Multiple PCs and the PC Version is the Last-Gen Version

Image from FIFA 22
Written by Ankit Gaba

As reported by Altchar, FIFA 22 apparently has a DRM; this decision is very Off-Kilter, and on top of that, the PC version is based on the Last-Gen Version of Consoles.
FIFA fans on PC might have to switch to PES this year, and PES is reportedly supposed to be a Free to play game this year.
Many of Next-Gen Features
“When we looked at what generation to put the PC game on, we looked at our fans and what capabilities they had with the hardware they have,”  said EA regarding the PC Version being a Last-Gen Version

FIFA 22 boxart
In a Press Release, EA stated, “HyperMotion technology enabled the integration of the first-ever motion capture of 22 professional footballers playing at high intensity. Additionally, EA’s proprietary machine-learning algorithm learns from more than 8.7 million frames of advanced match capture, then writes new animations in real-time to create organic football movement across a variety of interactions on the pitch. Whether it’s a shot, pass or cross, HyperMotion transforms how players move on and off the ball.”
What do you think about the PC Version of FIFA 22 being limited to only 1 PC and the version being based on the Last-Gen Console version? Please let us know in the comments below.

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