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Far Cry New Dawn is a direct sequel to Far Cry 5. It’s the first time Ubisoft has done a direct sequel to a far cry game. So let’s get right into this. The ending of far cry 5 when the father nukes the world they go into a bunker, so you start right into the bunker this post-apocalyptic world looks beautiful. It’s like a pinkish filter is applied to the game. So in this game, there are two female villains we aren’t going to spoil the ending, and the story for you so don’t worry. This game improves a lot from the last far cry game in many ways such as the graphical improvements and RPG elements. And Yes it’s not like far cry primal at all. Far cry primal received a lot of hate for being completely different from the rest of the series, but far cry new dawn isn’t that type of game.
It’s a great game, but still, a DLC would have been better.

There are many pros and cons of this game so let’s get straight into them
New type of RPG elements
A Great Story
The Use Of SpongeBullets Make The Game harder (might be a con for some people)
Same map
Same type of variety
Could have been a DLC instead of a Standalone Game
Quite Good

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