Everything we know about Pokemon Sleep

Written by Ankit Gaba

Pokemon Sleep is an Upcoming Mobile game which is being developed by Niantic and Select, Pokemon Sleep was announced on 29th May Last year.

The Pokemon Twitter account said that Pokemon Sleep will make Sleeping entertainment just like Pokemon GO made Walking fun.

The Developers Select Button has previously developed the mobile game called “Pokemon: Magikarp”.

The Gameplay of Pokemon Sleep is yet to be revealed but we do know that the game will actually come this year.

The Game will also use some functions of the Pokemon GO Plus the device will connect to your phone via Bluetooth when it is placed on your bed while you are asleep it will collect and send info about when you sleep and when you wake up.

Niantic’s CEO has also said that “Our idea is to give players energy to embark on their daily Pokemon GO adventures. The game will reward good sleep habits as a part of your healthy lifestyle.”

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