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Elden Ring Open World, Interactions and more information might have been revealed

Written by Ankit Gaba

Recently FromSoftware might have revealed some details about Elden Ring. The reason “might” is a keyword because the interview was translated by DoyenDuConseil on Jeuxvideo, which might not be completely trustable.

Now, this could be false, but if this is true, it’s pretty big since staff from Game of Thrones might be participating in the development and the game might have some “Open-world-ness” which I will refer to as “Open World Elements” hopefully this is true, and we get some official information about Elden Ring soon.

Fans have been hungry for Elden RIng news because we haven’t been told anything about it since it was revealed back in 2019 someone even managed to hack into the official Bandai Namco Website to troll people about Elden Ring News. The official Bandai Namco website would redirect people to an unverified page on Instagram, and the page stated, “Elden RIng News Soon.”

This made people believe that Elden Ring would be at TGS 2020. Now, this account might have been fake, but there’s still hope for Elden Ring to be on TGS 2020. Bandai Namco, the publishers of Elden Ring, will be appearing at the event, so this might spark some hope there’s another event this year, which is The Game Awards by Geoff Keighley. There’s a chance that Elden RIng could be revealed at one of these events. Hopefully, Covid-19 didn’t affect the development of Elden Ring, and we get some more information about Elden Ring soon.


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