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E3 2018 is a do or die for Xbox

Written by Ankit Gaba

With no good exclusives, this year Xbox has been suffering a lot. While Sony has many great exclusives like God Of War, Detroit Become Human and Uncharted. Even Nintendo currently has better exclusives than Xbox like The Legend Of Zelda, Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8. Remeber previous years? Xbox had the best exclusives back then like Halo 5, Forza Horizon Series, Sunset Overdrive, Ryse Son Of Rome and many more. But now Xbox only got terrible exclusives like the Sea of thieves. I’m not saying that sea of thieves is that bad, but it still has a little content. State Of Decay 2 was so bad like everyone hated State Of Decay 2. But will Xbox get better? It depends. But how will it get better? Here’s the answer what most fans want to see from Xbox at this year’s E3

Fable 4

Microsoft currently has no story-based AAA games. Fable 4 would help a lot as its a story driven game. We could see much more from fable 4 as we already know that  Playground Games are developing Fable 4.  Playground Games are best known for the Forza games. But how will they develop a story based RPG game? It depends. You should never underestimate someone. Fable 4 would be the perfect replacement of God Of War for Xbox One.



Halo 6

We haven’t seen a new halo game since 2016. With a massive success from Halo 5. We could see Halo 6 soon. Halo is Microsoft’s one of the leading franchises. Halo 3 was the best halo game no doubt, but it was developed by Bungie which is no longer under contract by Microsoft. Now 343 Industries Create Halo games. Halo Has never been same since 343 Industries Took Over Halo. We aren’t saying that 343 Industries are bad, but halo doesn’t seem like halo anymore. The old halo games were the best, and everyone agrees on that one. We need that old halo feeling in Halo 6. If it has the feeling then mark my words, it will sell millions of copies. Halo 6 Is most likely going to come out in 2019 or something. 343 are currently working on Halo 6. According To Manager Of 343 Industries Halo, 6 is not going to release this year, but It will probably get its first tease on E3. Halo 6 is going to be amazing halo always has the best multiplayer but what about a battle royale mode? That’s a no from 343. It Just Would Not Fit in a halo game, but we could see some more amazing modes like split screen multiplayer. Like if you have two controllers, you and your friend can play, but now you can play online split screen with your friend. Even if he doesn’t have an Xbox one, he can play with you and other guys in online. Even with your online friends. In Halo 6 You could see master chief vs. Locke At the end of the game. One Lives One dies a sad death. What if both fight each other as heroes. That would be such a heroic battle where you get to choose who you get to play as in the battle. But That’s not it or it could either be Both Be Understanding each other at the end that none of them is bad and they fight the evil together once again. The main villain could be The Flood.

Gears Of War 5

We all know that Gears Of War 4 Was Released in 2016. Epic Games said Gears Of War 5 is in development. We could see gears of war 5 soon. But will it include a battle royale mode like Fortnite? It depends if Microsoft wants to promote battle royale we could see a battle royale mode in gears of war 5. The best battle royale games currently are Player’s Unknown Battleground and Fortnite which is created by epic games (the developer of Gears Of War Games), But we are tired of battle royale we want to see something new.

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 could be in Dubai or England it is not confirmed yet, but the rumors say that it’s Dubai well I would like to see it in Dubai cause of the buildings. Dubai is a right place for Forza. You guys know Microsoft always listen to their fans so it could be in Dubai like everyone wanted Forza horizon 3 in Australia. And it was in Australia Microsoft is such a good company. It is always good to see a Forza game. The latest Forza game was pretty good in 4k 60 fps on the Xbox one x. Xbox one X is a pretty good console too its power is equal to a GTX 1070 which is a pretty good GPU. But will Forza horizon 4 be in Dubai or will it be in England? No one knows it could even be in Japan or somewhere in Asia like India?


Some New Games And Old Games Making a Return

Who doesn’t want something new? Everyone likes new games when they look good. Banjo-Kazooie can make a huge return this year. Or what about sunset overdrive 2? or alan wake 2? well if all these games mentioned above are at the e3 2018 Xbox could win all the fans back that would help the sales too. Xbox One is at 35 million sales currently meanwhile PlayStation 4 is on 90 million. PlayStation is doing much more better than Xbox currently also PlayStation has the best exclusives, and more exclusives for ps4  are still coming like Spiderman, the last of us 2 and Days gone 2

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  • Just about everything you listed there apart from the obvious “new games”, that everyone agrees they REALLY need, didn’t get any of us on board with Xbox ever before, so why would they now? And even the fans they lost this gen were not swayed by Forza, Gears 4 or Halo 5 either. You need to go into more detail with that last “new and old games” point because THAT is what they need and actual exclusive ones too.

    And I guess Crackdown 3 is just a lost cause now? Not sure why yet another Unreal Engine 4 cartoony game in the form of Fable 4 will be any different of a disappointment than the last unimpressive Xbone Unreal 4 engine exclusives. And you comapred it to God of War lol? This is supposed to be “Xbox’s answer to Horizon Zero Dawn” that Phil Spencer mentioned Summer last year. Only thing is it won’t have the stunning and mind blowing tech and animations that Horizon Zero Dawn gave to the industry so its not really Xbone’s answer for that then is it? I bet it will even just pick up the assets where Fable Legend left off.

  • im not gonna assume what they’re going to show during e3 , they can def surprise us or give us a mediocre show.

    im pretty sure spencer and gang know they gotta come with some heat , i love all the consoles , the majority of my friends game on xbox but they have been slacking on the exclusives.

  • This is complete crap. “Do or die”.

    Shove your sensationalism. The Xbox brand is doing fine. It ain’t my cup of tea but they aren’t “out” by any means. In fact, Sony is closer to out because of funds. Thankfully their market share is large so it’s making it easy for them to keep going.

  • Yup!! Here’s to hoping something will come out of E-3 other than some flaccid promises that are years out….

    I can personally do without another Hall game as I didn’t even play the last one entirely on game pass/live that was for the most part free. Just a boring game to me is all.

    Something MS please!.!.!.

  • Microsoft doesn’t always listen to their it’s more like 3 out 10 chance that they do. If they always did the Xbox One would be in way better shape,better games,cheaper launch price and no Kinect. While was something fans didn’t want in the first place.

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