Did adding women really effect Battlefield V?

Written by Ankit Gaba

Physical sales are WAY down, a 63% overall decline to be precise. That’s far more than 10%. EA is in the business of making money, they’ve never been at the forefront of social issues. The ONLY reason they joined in fighting social issues is to endear themselves to a wider base(the female audience). In the process, they forgot about their target demographic; young men and teenagers who wanted a game about a war that was fought predominantly by young men and teenagers. No one really complained about COD WW2 when it had black female nazis because Activision didn’t make a big deal about it. EA made the mistake of marketing the game as historically accurate while at the same time heavily featuring a white female amputee British soldier in its trailers, and then calling out their fanbase when we collectively said, “Wait, what?”. The devs don’t even really know what BF5 is.

Well then have it accurate in ratio or in the right Frontline. This game is just disrespectful to the people that fought during the Second World War because they stated a year before release that they were going for the most realistic Battlefield game yet.

But they have complete disregard of the factions during the war. There were 10000s of Soviet women fighting but nothing in the game about that. There were barely, or I believe none fighting at the front in Rotterdam yet we see many British females. That’s incorrect besides the fact that there was also Dutch resistance and other factions involved. Also, Dutch people barely spoke English at the time so don’t release a trailer where they do. Also, Rotterdam looked like a playhouse full of color which was not the case. It was grey, black, destroyed, etc. Then there is the whole bionic equipment fiasco. Its communication that EA did wrong and then they blamed the fans, some who bought every iteration since 1942. Don’t alter history or push an agenda and if you do, well, be honest and don’t brand it as the most realistic Battlefield experience.

If the game was about a fake world War 2 and character creations then don’t build expectations to the core group but also expect for sales to drop and some backlash. They should have given it another name or a subtitle.

I’ll be frank although inclusion is what they try to achieve I find the game disrespectful towards the truth of that Era of mankind. It’s disrespectful to women, men, countries, flags.

Technically it’s a good game, but their message was all over the place. I won’t buy this if you want to have included in a game look at Horizon. Nothing shoehorned yet by playing you probably come across every ethnicity in the world although they have grouped themselves completely different in the future past. And alloy is an amazing character.

There are many things going on against Battlefield 5 such as feminism, and it is not historically correct because it has women on the front line despite it being a WW2 game Women weren’t on the front line in WW2. And that is the reason everyone’s mentioning for the low pre-orders of the game expect EA.

They need to listen to their fans but will they? It depends. I agree with some people that its just a game but battlefield has always been historically correct and why to change some things that don’t need a change. It’s just weird like every other developer is doing great without any changes like cod bo4 had more pre-orders than battlefield V despite cod bo4 having no single player story. I mean it changed like they did a survey and most people don’t finish their game’s campaign so they decided to remove it for more improvements in the multiplayer of bo4. I think EA should have spent more time for thinking about the game and EA’s last games like star wars battlefront 2 and need for speed payback flopped because of microtransactions and they lost a huge fan base just because of that things have changed now. Gamers don’t need to pay for the game, and in-game content expects a DLC story content. Someone even got fired at the EA office for being too good at call of duty black ops 4. That’s weird like studios commonly praise and play each other’s games like Ubisoft tweeted recently that they’ll be enjoying red dead redemption 2 meanwhile someone gets fired for being too good at a game. Today the gamers are not like the old gamers, where they played only for fun and used all of their skills to beat the enemy. The gamers of today are more interested to buy virtual equipment on a game or playing a game only for one thing you liked in the game. Games like GTA5, Minecraft, Rainbow six are the classic games of the latest 10 years, today the games like BF5 are more like an easy way to earn money by using pre-made content. Fifa 18 made millions, and it didn’t have many changes from the previous one I think the same thing is going to happen to FIFA 19 no changes in career mode and those were the changes that everyone wanted that is the proof that EA doesn’t listen to their fans. They only made the changes that nobody wanted.

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