Dead Cells Android Review

Written by Ankit Gaba


Developer: Dead Cells

Publisher: Playdigious

Platforms: iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox One, PC Mac OSX, and Linux

Reviewed on: Android

Price: 8.99$ (Varies on Different Platforms)


Dead Cells is a 2d Castlevania-like Roguevania experience. It does everything very well, especially the art style the backgrounds are pretty and feel great to look at even the animations are amazing and feel very smooth. But that’s not it there are so many things to talk about the game let’s start from the Soundtrack.

The Soundtrack matches the essence of Dead Cells.

There’s a different soundtrack in every level, and it matches the challenging vibe of Dead Cells. It just goes so well with the game you can check out the Soundtrack of Dead Cells on Spotify it’s just so well made and matches the game perfectly the best track in this game is Clock Tower in my opinion.

Insane amount of replayability

There are many secrets to find in Dead Cells, even if you complete the game you can replay it again trust me, You won’t get bored since there are different paths to the ending, each level introduces some different enemies, that you have to kill.

There are many different weapons in the game. Some of them include arrow, Blood Sword, Rusty Sword, Electric Whip, Nutcracker, Wolf Trap, Daggers, and many more. There are a total of 3 types of weapons which include Melee weapons, Ranged weapons, and shields.
The levels are procedurally generated, which will make all of your playthroughs different, and it adds more replayability the levels go well together even though they are procedurally generated.

There are some challenges you might find during your Playthrough. They involve a lot of platforming, and a wrecking ball with spikes rolls around and tries to damage you, but the amount of stuff that the challenges give you makes them completely worth it.

You will find different runes on different levels, which will make your progression easier but you might miss most of the runes I was only able to get 2 in my first Playthrough.

Dead Cells is a quite challenging experience but as you try to explore everything it becomes more comfortable you find these “Power Scrolls” which have different perks they also increase your total health you can also find different types of weapons that will be very useful on your journey to the Throne Room an essential thing you will have to do is to look out for the Power Scrolls as they increase your health.

There’s even some small detail to notice when you hit an enemy in water with your Electric Whip. You can see the Electricity in the water, and it damages the enemy.

a 2d Souls-like experience

Dead Cells is finally coming to Android on June 3


When you die in Dead Cells, you restart from the first level and lose all of your weapons and the health you gained from Power Scrolls. The only thing you don’t lose is the upgrades. Which is very similar to Dark Souls, the NPC called “The Collector” Collector closest thing you will find to decent company useful items he helps you to upgrade several things like health flasks. Still, you have to give him your Cells, which some enemies drop when you kill them always try to kill all of the enemies you see to gain more Cells. If you die, you will lose your Cells. There are no checkpoints in Dead Cells. Some enemies also drop food, which restores your health.

Enemies respond to you in different ways. Some might be able to see you from the platform above you, and some might not be able to see you from the platform above you the enemies that are above you and respond to you might throw an explosive at you and try to kill you.

There are two types of chests in dead cells Normal and Cursed. The regular chests will just give you some gear; meanwhile, the cursed chests will provide you with a curse and equipment.

The NPC named “Guillain” helps you get mutations which have different perks there are many mutations you can reset them too by paying 1000 of the virtual currency to Guillain.

You just have to avoid your enemy’s attack by rolling and then attack whenever you see their attack animation. Just press the roll button that will help you a lot during your Playthrough.

The Virtual Currency in Dead Souls can be used to open gates which have different types of weapons behind them, or you can buy weapons from an NPC using the virtual currency you can also make your current weapons stronger by getting them forged by an NPC which you will find in the game.

There are a lot of teleporters in every level, which helps you to get to a specific part of the level they are handy when you have to go back and find a key to open doors to progress.

The amount of lore that is hidden in the game is insane you definitely won’t be able to find everything out in your first Playthrough I’m not going to spoil the lore in this review.

A Lot of Options even on a Mobile Port


Dead Cells provides you with a lot of options, even on the Mobile Port. A lot of Mobile Games don’t offer FPS Cap, but Dead Cells does. You can increase the resolution of your game too, but that might decrease the performance to 30FPS (Performance will vary on your hardware) you can also change the type of food that your enemies drop if you do not like the default one the types you can switch to are Carnivore, Castlevaniaesque, Vegetarian, Fruitarian, Monster, and Baguette. If you change the diet, it doesn’t have any effect on the fantastic gameplay of Dead Cells.

You can change the Position and Size of your Controls, and there’s an Auto-Hit option too. Where it automatically attacks the enemy with your melee weapon, you can also choose Swipe to Dodge instead of pressing the button Dead Cells also has Controller Support. I mostly used my DualShock 4 in my Playthrough of Dead Cells.


Dead Cells is a fantastic game that every Metroidvania/Roguevania fan should try out. I haven’t found out a single flaw in Dead Cells so far, and I’m on my 3rd Playthrough currently, the art style of dead cells is fantastic. I love the backgrounds.


Amazing OST

Insane Amount of Replayability

Very Challenging

Astonishing Fast-Paced Gameplay

A Lot of Options even on the Mobile Version

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  • What about the screens blacking out in the concierge level,the maps go black or don’t show anything,there various bugs in the game which made it hard for me,also the game blacks out at the start of the game,the game also doesn’t log into my Google play account which resulted in me losing all my progress and achievements that I got

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