David Hayter says that a Metal Gear Solid Remake might really be happening

Written by Ankit Gaba

Recently, David Hayter talked with Dan Allen Gaming to discuss his own future projects and stuff where they talked about a Metal Gear Remake. David Hayter stated that he thought it was just a rumour before yesterday. One of the insiders messaged him and said it might really be happening, which is really interesting. There have been rumours yesterday, too, about a Metal Gear Solid Remake happening.
Source: (Time Stamp 45:00)
Konami renewed trademarks for Castlevania and Metal Gear Solid recently, too; also, there was this tweet that hinted at a Metal Gear Solid Remake, but David Hayter said that it was the direct message from an insider which made him believe that a remake finally might be happening. Hopefully, if it does happen, they should cast David Hayter and get Hideo Kojima to work on it to make sure it goes perfectly well. To be honest, I do not want a Metal Gear Solid Remake without Hideo Kojima. Hideo Kojima is already working on a new game, but we do not know anything about that game yet. There have been multiple rumours that it is a horror game, but I do not think that might happen; there have been rumours about a Kojima Xbox Exclusive as well.

Previously there were rumours about Sony acquiring Silent Hill Franchise to get Kojima to work on a Silent Hill game, but Kojima debunked those in an interview with Live Door Kojima has said that the Silent Hill IP and MGS IP acquisition rumours are false, Kojima stated, “Oh, that’s completely a hoax. At least I didn’t listen at all”. Live Door also asked him about his next game, and he stated that “I can’t talk because it’s still in the planning stage, but I’m working a lot under the surface.¬†Just recently, a big project has become unpopular, and it’s a bit stuffy (laughs).¬†Well, as is often the case in this industry.”
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