Cyberpunk 2077 cannot run at 4K 60 FPS on Ultra settings even with RTX 3090

Written by Ankit Gaba

Cyberpunk 2077 reviews are out, and the performance isn’t looking quite right, according to Tom’s Hardware, who have had their hands-on with Cyberpunk 2077. The game doesn’t reach 4k 60 FPS on Ultra settings even if you have RTX 3090 (The most powerful GPU out there at the moment) at the highest, and it goes around 46 FPS and the lowest approximately 39.6. What’s even worse is that the game runs even worse with Ray Tracing on RTX 3090. We are talking about like 17 FPS-20FPS. Hopefully, the day one patch will improve the performance.

As you can see in the charts, the performance is even worse on lower-tier GPUs RTX 3060 TI only runs it at 22 FPS. This game needs some performance patch and what makes it worse is that this performance chart is without Ray Tracing on with Ray Tracing on RTX 3090 alone runs it at around 17-22 FPS, just like I mentioned before

Performance on last-gen consoles is even probably worse. I hope CD Projekt Red optimized it with the day one patch that will be out soon, but things aren’t looking quite good for Cyberpunk 2077 without the day one patch; as you might have seen in multiple reviews, the game is filled with bugs many reviewers encountered a bug like every 30 minutes I doubt that CD Projekt Red will be able to fix all these bugs with just one patch. I have also heard that the melee combat is terrible from several reviewers. It doesn’t control well, and the animations are pretty sketchy. I doubt that CD Projekt Red will fix this with just a patch, but hopefully, I am wrong.

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