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Contra Rogue Corps tries to revive the series back again from the dead but fails due to some issues. Rogue Corps is a sequel to Contra III: The Alien Wars as a Contra fan you would easily notice that. The game takes place in “The Damned City”. If you like the classic Contra games you might not like this one. Rogue Corps is the first-ever Contra game that’s a Twin Stick Shooter with a top-down view that some players might find a bit weird in a Contra game. In this game, you have unlimited ammo but your weapon can overheat. The Dodge button literally makes you immortal for a bit. Levels can be lengthy because when your weapon is overheated you won’t be able to attack but you will be able to defend your self with the dodge button. The game is literally too easy it doesn’t even feel like a challenge the thing is that one of the key aspects in Contra games is that they are challenging but this one isn’t even challenging at all. Many enemies in this game will force you to run back and shoot again and again using the same strategy which is pretty boring, to be honest.


Rogue Corps has 4 playable characters but all of them equip the same weapon. The characters don’t end up any different throughout the game since they are like completely the same except the looks. Every mission is time and it cannot be paused just like an online game. You can play Rogue Corps in 3 different ways Online, CO-OP and Singleplayer.


Rogue Corps has failed in every way to revive the Contra Series. in fact, it’s a shame to call it a Contra game. The textures have a really low resolution and are pixelated. Looks like Konami had a really low budget on this thing. If they wanted to revive the Contra Series they could have made it into a 3d Third Person Shooting game which would kinda work like DOOM.

The Only Good thing we found in this game is the Progression System Each weapon can be slotted with upgrades that affect all of its stats from damage, cooldown rate, and more. You can also upgrade each character with implants to adjust various offensive and defensive stats. You unlock new upgrades and loot during missions.


The multiplayer is kinda fun with friends

Progression System

Low-Resolution Textures

Gets boring quickly

Isn’t Challenging

Doesn’t take the full potential of having 4 characters





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