Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Alpha Review

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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Alpha (Pre Beta) is out now you can just head right to the PlayStation Store and download it for free.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare uses a way better engine than Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. It looks way better than the previous games. You can check out our gameplay right below:

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare introduces a new battle royale type mode. Once you die in the 2v2 modes, You have to wait for your teammate to get killed or kill the other team, As shown in our gameplay footage.


You get to experience some iconic COD multiplayer with your friend this weekend. What else could someone possibly want? The gameplay reminds us so much of MOH: Warfighter but that is a good thing since MOH: Warfighter had great gameplay but overall it was a pretty bad game but that would not be the case with Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. The Game looks too promising and will deliver a nostalgic Call Of Duty Modern Warfare experience. We cannot say the same about the campaign since we have not tried it yet, The gameplay has a lot of improvements and its way more better than COD BO:4. We think that Call Of Duty Modern Warfare’s Alpha is totally worth the 36 Gigabytes download.

Impressive Graphical Improvements

Great Gameplay

Main Menu UI is nice

Delivers Classic Call Of Duty Experience

Gets repetitive (Some might not like it)



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