Black Book Preview – Simple and Satisfying

Written by Steven S

Thanks to PAX Online, We were able to play Black Book before the release date. Check out our thoughts below:

Black Book: Prologue (SPOILERS!)

The Story revolves around a young witch called Vasilia. Vasilia’s husband seemingly kills himself, no one knows why, but Vasilia knowns that those who kill themselves end up in hell. Her grandfather gave her the Black Book, which contains seven seals. Those who break all seven seals will be granted a wish. The gameplay is simple but very effective and satisfying. It is a point-click game with a card combat system. The Black Book allows Vasilia to cast spells and damage her enemies, heal herself, and defend herself if necessary. Each spell got their look, and it looks quite gorgeous. This game also got a map that you can explore. It would be best if you visited each place that is on your way to your destination.

Every path away from the main path is optional, meaning you do not have to visit that place. You’ve also got to talk to a bunch of people and help or ignore them on your way. Helping or not helping is entirely your choice. There is also a morality system, which allows you to be evil or good if you want to. This game got a very beautiful art style, each figure got their distinctive look, and the demons look great; some even look spooky. The overall atmosphere of this game is pretty great, and sometimes you have to take a moment and take the atmosphere in. The background music and sound effects also contribute to your experience in a solid way. Sadly, there isn’t a lot of spoken dialogue except the intro. You’ll have to read what each person says, which is not a bad thing. It’s better to have no spoken dialogue at all than have terrible voice actors ruin your immersion in the game. 

You can check out the official trailer of Black Book Below:

Overall this preview was a great experience for me, and I cannot wait to play the full game on release when it releases in 2021.

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