Best Tycoon and Simulator Games for iOS and Android in 2022

Best Tycoon and Simulator Games for iOS and Android in 2021
Written by Ashish Gaba

There are a lot of great Tycoon and Simulator Games for iOS and Android, but there are a lot of bad ones too, which require you to pay a huge amount of actual money to progress further in the game, so we made a list of the great Tycoon and Simulator games for iOS and Android for you.

Here are some of the Best Tycoon and Simulator Games for iOS and Android in 2022

Game Dev Tycoon

Image from Game Dev Tycoon Game Dev Tycoon is a must-play for any Tycoon/Simulation Genre fan, and it is available on both iOS and Android along with a Switch Port and a Steam Version. It allows you to take on the duty of a Game Developer and takes you to its own vision of the History of The Gaming Industry. Since it is a paid game, there are no Microtransactions or any Pay to Progress/Win Elements at all in this game; if you already have played this game and need a guide on it, we have a guide written for it, too just click here for that. Game Dev Tycoon is personally one of my favourite games ever made. I have hundreds of hours in it, and I play it from the beginning to the end every few months (I play it from the beginning just for fun, so do not worry, you can still play it when the Story ends, but there will be no more content like new consoles by other companies or anything similar to that) I really wish that they would create a sequel to this game; it has been years since it originally came out, and there is only one more game that is similar to this on android, and it is called Game Dev Story; it was actually the inspiration behind Game Dev Tycoon To buy Game Dev Tycoon click on your preferred platform below: Android iOS Nintendo Switch Steam

Football Manager 2022

Image from Football Manager 2022 If you are a fan of Football or Soccer, whatever you like to call it, then you must play this game even though it’s nowhere near the PC version, but it still remains really fun. I have sunken a lot of hours into this, but if you have Football Manager 2021 or 2020, then do not bother buying this because it pretty much remained the same with a few changes most people wouldn’t notice or care about. However, if you have a PC or a laptop, then buy the Steam version of this game, but to be honest, I prefer the iOS and Android Version of Football Manager 2022 because of its simplicity; the PC version kind of becomes too complicated for people who are new to the series and I have not really spent much time on the PC version of it either, to be honest, I really need to give it another try before coming into a proper conclusion I have over 100 hours in the Mobile version of this game, and I cannot even imagine how many I would have on PC if I get used to it. Click on your preferred platform below to buy this game: Android iOS Steam Click here to read my full review of this game  

Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story Guide - Best Combos, How To Get Hardware Engineer and Develop Console Game Dev Story by Kairosoft is undeniably a classic in the Tycoon Business Simulation Genre, and it is one of the most influential games in the genre; despite being a really old game, it still holds up well and is incredibly fun, and since it is paid game there are no microtransactions or anything similar to that in this game. It can be hard at first, but for newcomers, we have made a guide on this game; click here if you want to read it. This game is available on iOS and Android along with console ports; it is a really addictive game when you start getting the hang of it and being honest, it is pretty easy to understand if you have already played Game Dev Tycoon, which was inspired by this game and if you like Game Dev Tycoon and if you have not played this game yet then what are you even doing? I play this game quite often while travelling. It is a great time passer. You can buy Game Dev Story on: Android PlayStation iOS Nintendo Switch

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

Image from RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic is a game where you build and manage your own Theme Park, and it is developed by Atari; it is perhaps the best Tycoon game on the Theme Park building topic; there are a few in-app purchases, but they do not really harm the vanilla version if you are a fan of resource management and building tycoon games where you also have to manage feedback from the AI Customers then this game is perfect for you, to be honest, it is perfect for any fans of the Tycoon or Business Management Simulation Games because it is just so fun and you cannot stop playing it once you get addicted and it is simple enough to get anyone into Tycoon games in fact I think that this was my first ever Tycoon game and it made me really love the genre itself I cannot believe that there still isn’t much focus from major AAA developers in the Tycoon Genre it still remains really a niche for some reason despite having some of the most successful indie breakouts and hits. RollerCoaster Tycoon is available for nearly all platforms, and there are different versions of the game, but classic remains my favourite, so that’s why I will only be putting RollerCoaster Tycoon into this list instead of just putting multiple games from the same franchise. To buy RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic, click on your preferred platform below: iOS Android PC


Image from Tropico Tropico is a really popular Dictator Simulator game, and it recently came out on Mobile Devices; in this game, you can fight wars make your civilization more advanced be sure to listen to their feedback because you can be overthrown. It is really a fun game with a lot of detail and options. To buy Tropico, click on your preferred platform below: Android iOS


Image from Worldbox Worldbox is an incredible game where you can build or destroy or whatever you want to do with your world; you can let civilizations evolve, destroy them with monsters, make them go on war, throw bombs at them and anything like that. It is a really fun game, and I would suggest you to get the premium in-app purchase if you can because there are a few paid features in the game which are really worth it; however, the vanilla experience still remains decent and playable. The best thing about this game is its developers, who are putting out constant updates at least once or twice every month, and they just keep on adding more and more features; on top of that, I think that the game is still in Beta Version and it is already this good I cannot imagine how good it will be when it launches officially. You can even become a Giant Crab Monster and Destroy your own civilization; however, the civilizations do not get modern. I want a modern update where you can actually let them progress and build things like skyscrapers and fight with guns or more advanced weapons hopefully, and they do that in some sort of future updates; I really trust the developers with this one because they have made incredible progress, so it is up to them and their vision of the game. To install this game, click on your preferred platform below: iOS Android PC

Motorsport Manager 3

Image from Motorsport Manager 3 Motorsport Manager 3 is an incredible game where you manage your own Motorsport Team and make them world-class since I am not a fan of racing and things like that, I could not pour many hours into this game, but it is built incredibly well and would be pretty easy to pick up for anyone who has played Tycoon or Business Management games before To buy Motorsport Manager 3, click on your preferred Platform Below: Android iOS

The Manga Works

Image from The Manga Works The Manga Works is just a really fun game built by the great developers at Kairosoft who keep on putting out great tycoon games for Android and iOS. The Manga Works lets you take on the role of a Manga Writer, and you have to write Mangas with whatever resources you have and try to make a best-seller manga and get a lot of money and win awards; this is another game which I usually revisit because of its simplicity and the interesting concept all tycoon and business management genre fans should be grateful for Kairosoft because they just keep on putting out interesting tycoon games with unique topics that have never been taken on before and I hope that they never stop doing this they are undeniably one of the best developers in this genre. To buy The Manga Works by Kairosoft, click on your preferred platform below: Android iOS

Silver Screen Story

Image from Silver Screen Studio Silver Screen Story is another game made by Kairosoft; this time, you have to build your own Movie Empire you have to find great combos manage your money while trying to make a hit movie which will result in profit and get you more money to make a better hit movie with better resources however I hate this one thing about this game you cannot make sequels hopefully they consider adding this feature in the game sometime soon. To be honest, we have already listed 3 Kairosoft games, and I do not think that we should list any more games by them despite there being a lot of games by them that are worthy to be on this list so you can check their entire library of games here on PlayStore and App Store for iOS devices of course To buy Silver Screen Story, click on your preferred platform below: iOS Android


Popscene is an artist simulator type game where you are in the music industry and make songs then try to get signed and perform at concerts; it’s really simplistic and fun; there are not a lot of usual updates in this game, sadly, but I think it could be way better yeah it still is fun, but I just want more. It is totally free and has the option to purchase a premium version of the game, which doesn’t really do much to the game. To install this game, click on your preferred platform below: Android iOS

Pocket City

Image from Pocket CIty
Pocket City is one of the best games on this list, and it is one of the best City Building games available on Android and iOS at the moment, but again, to be honest, there is not really much competition due to the fact that most of these type of games are nowadays pay to progress further type, but thankfully Pocket City is not one of them. Pocket City also has many interesting scenarios; it is not just about building, but it is also about dealing with people’s feedback, trying to protect your city from Disasters most of the time; it is a really relaxing game, and I cannot stress you enough to get it if you like City Building games you can create a dynamic city with citizens, vehicles, animals and animated buildings also road managing somehow is a lot of fun in this game I found it boring in most of city building games I have played, but they really nailed the system of that in this one. To buy Pocket City, click on your preferred platform below: Android iOS

It can be difficult to discover good life simulation games for mobile devices. While The Sims series has dominated PC and Mac for years, there hasn’t been much in the way of simulation games that offer the same gameplay or depth on mobile. Thankfully, that has improved in recent years, and there are now a few excellent life simulation games available for free on Android and iOS smartphones. The finest life simulation games for iOS and Android smartphones are listed here!

Home Street

Image from Home Street If you’ve ever played Facebook games like YoVille or The Ville, you’ll recognize Home Street. In the same way that “The Sims” allows you to design your avatar, decorate your home, and furnish it, you may do the same with this game. There are also social features, such as weekly events and other special tasks to complete to level up your character and unlock new furniture and clothing items, as well as social features where you can interact with your “neighbors” (friends who play connected to your account via Facebook or other social media), weekly events, and other special tasks to complete to level up your character and unlock new furniture and clothing items. While you won’t be able to marry or have children, you will be able to customize your avatar and their residence. To play Home Street, click on your preferred platform below: Android iOS

The Sims Mobile

Image from The Sims Mobile The Sims Mobile is almost a mobile port of The Sims 4; the art design, clothing, furniture, gameplay played even gameplay lay aspects are all copied directly from the franchise’s most recent Sims game. You can create your character’s practice and their appearance, build their home, send them to work (the game offers jobs such as Fashion Designer, Barista, Doctor, and more), socialize with Like in the real game, they can interact with other Sims and practice their favorite hobbies, such as cooking or playing the guitar. You can also marry and start a family. To play The Sims Mobile, click on your preferred platform: Android iOS

The Sims FreePlay

Image from The Sims FreePlay The Sims FreePlay was published before The Sims Mobile and has a gameplay that is quite similar to The Sims Mobile, however it is a real-time game. In real life, if you send your Sim to work, they will stay there for an entire 8-hour day (unless you use real money to speed up the interaction). The art style is similar to that of The Sims 3. The Sims FreePlay, on the other hand, allows you to create several Sims (in fact, you’re in charge of the entire town! ), personalize their lives and homes, send them to work, develop new structures in the town, initiate romances, have children and pets, and more! To play Sims FreePlay click on your platform: Android iOS

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Image from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp   Even though this isn’t a standard “life sim,” I thought it was worth including in the list. Create a character, construct a campground, interact with animal characters from the original Animal Crossing games, and befriend other human “neighbors” in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp You may furnish and decorate your campsite, RV inside, and cabin, so you have a lot of possibilities. Crafting, clothing, and mini-games like fishing are also heavily featured in the game, giving you enough to do. To play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp click on one of the links below: Android iOS

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Image from Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery This game is similar to the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game/Glu celeb games, with the exception that it is centered on the Harry Potter franchise. Create your character, be sorted into a Hogwarts house, attend courses, study spells, duel against competing wizards, interact with legendary Harry Potter characters such as Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall, and explore a fresh mystery plot set in the Harry Potter universe. To download this game, click on one of the links below: Android iOS

BitLife- Life Simulator

BitLife- Life Simulator Image This game isn’t as detailed as some of the other life simulations described above, but I’ve spent a few hours with it and found it to be enjoyable in its own right. The text-based game assigns you a character to live with, and it’s up to you to select how they’ll live their lives: will they marry, have children, or go to college? What kind of employment will they be doing? Should they learn to drive, smuggle drugs through an airport, or go on an international vacation? Download Bitlife now by clicking on one of the links below: Android iOS

Virtual Families 2

Instead of just one person, you can have an impact on a full family in this game. You can choose your partner, have children, adopt pets, decorate their home, get them a job, and so much more! This game is like a miniature version of The Sims, and you’ll undoubtedly spend hours playing it. The game is also played in real-time, so when you return, you’ll find new random events that have occurred in your virtual family, keeping the gameplay fresh and fascinating.
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Stardew Valley

Image from Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a hugely popular game that combines features from traditional agricultural simulators like Harvest Moon into a unique, modern experience. On the surface, it appears to be a rather easy farming simulation; it begins with you planting and watering a couple of parsnips. However, Stardew Valley is more accurately described as a community simulator. You’ll find yourself attracted to the complicated web of relationships, dreams, and problems that make up the tiny community as you fulfill your responsibilities and meet the locals. Stardew Valley is a very great game, full of magic, monsters, and unexpectedly tough plants. It may sound absurd, but the Stardew Valley community has a genuine feel to it.
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We will keep updating this list since I am a fan of Tycoon/Business Management and Simulation games. I play a lot in my free time, so the list would probably be updated every month. What do you think about this list of Best Tycoon and Simulator Games for iOS and Android in 2021? Please let us know in the comments below.

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