Battlefield V Reportedly Won’t Be Set In WW2 And will focus on both single player and multiplayer

Written by Ankit Gaba

While Battlefield V’s trailer is coming three days later. We Just Got News About Battlefield V. Source: Twitter Of The Battlefield Game

They said “A New Battlefield in a New Setting. It’s a brand-new experience and still everything you love about Battlefield – where every fight is different and brought to life across unexpected theatres of war.

Info Straight from the Developers (and ). Hear from team members Andreas Morell, Lars Gustavsson, and Daniel Berlin as they fill you in on their V vision.

 The Return of War Stories. DICE believes in both all-out multiplayer and single player, and the live reveal will have more info on the returning fan-favourite War Stories. Prepare for untold, compelling narratives in a new setting.4. New Modes and Experiences. Operations in Battlefield 1 gave you the chance to take on epic journeys across several maps. Will this teamplay-focused experience be in the next Battlefield? You’ll know if you watch the live reveal.
. Gameplay Changes. While we don’t want to scoop our own reveal, you can bet exciting gameplay changes are coming. Let’s just say you might want to avoid blinking during the Battlefield V Live Reveal. Ready for battle?
Their Twitter said this. A new setting means that they won’t be any other setting that has already been in a battlefield game
They also said they are focusing on both on multiplayer and single player unlike call of duty black ops 4.

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