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Battlefield V Loot Boxes Confirmed and WW2 Setting

Written by Ankit Gaba

Battlefield V is Confirmed To Be Set In World War 2. Battlefield V is the reason for the delay of Anthem. But is EA Copying Call Of Duty With WW2. No, They aren’t Copying Call Of Duty. Because of Battlefield 1 Was Released on 21 October 2016. And After The Release They Started Working On Battlefield V and Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Released after battlefield 1 and after that, they started working on Call Of Duty WW2. But They Released It Previous Year. They Finished It Early That’s Why Some People Didn’t Like Call Of Duty WW2. As Always Battlefield Has The Best Destruction Physics Mean While Call Of Duty. Doesn’t even have that much kind of destruction.

Loot Boxes


EA Confirmed That There Will Be Loot Boxes But Unlike Star Wars Battlefront 2 The Microtransactions or loot boxes will only be cosmetic and just for multiplayer. Like PUBG, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League Or Even CS: GO. The Microtransactions Is A Unique Idea but not in a campaign or something. But That’s Not it you Can Still Unlock The Lootboxes By Leveling up, but that won’t affect the gameplay because the loot boxes are only cosmetic. And Also You Cant Unlock The Paid Loot Boxes Or Loot Things By Leveling Up.

Battle Royale Mode

Yes, There Will  Be A Battle Royale Mode In The Next Battlefield, And That’s A Good Thing Too Imagine A Battle Royale Mode With Battlefield Type Of Destruction Imagine Destroying The Whole Building With Your Squad To Kill Other People.

But There Will Be A Bad Affect Too imagine every game will include a battle royale mode that would be so bad.


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