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Battlefield 6 Reveal Trailer might be dropping this week

Written by Ankit Gaba

Update: Sadly, this might not be true because the official Battlefield account just posted this but June could be for a full reveal, so let’s see.

Recently the audio from Battlefield 6 Trailer was leaked. It featured a song from artists 2WEI who recently tweeted, “Happy Monday! Two new game trailers with our music coming this week” I think one of them is definitely Battlefield 6 because of the Audio Leak that featured 2WEI’s song. I cannot wait to see how Battlefield 6 looks. The┬árecently leaked trailer images were decent, but they were low resolution. I do not doubt DICE’s GFX team at all, especially after the previous Battlefield Games, which looked stunning.

I hope Battlefield 6 features a longer campaign. In my opinion, the campaign of Battlefield V was too short, and the servers in multiplayer were pretty bad; however, I might try to go back to Battlefield V again since it’s free with PlayStation Plus currently. Hopefully, it has improved with all the recent updates. DICE really knows how to turn things around. For example, just look at the state of Battlefront 2 at launch and now compare it with the current state of Battlefront 2. I am really looking forward to Battlefield 6. DICE has been working on it for 3 years. Battlefield games usually release every 2 years, but this time it is 3 years, so I think they took their time and might have made an amazing game.
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