Battlefield 5 Confirmed

Written by Ankit Gaba

EA’s Battlefield series is one of the best series Battlefield 1 was released in late 2016 But EA’s investor confirmed a new battlefield game The Battlefield games are made with the frostbite engine and where can the battlefield go up to? world war 2 maybe or how about a war between two countries

Things That We want to see in Battlefield 5-

– Bring back BF3 Close combat maps
– Create team commander commands, so one can give orders to squad commanders
– Create option during game map reload time, one can vote for (new) commander on new map
– Remove the nerf one now has against the noobs and remove head shot snap-ins they´r making our controllers suffer…
– Don´t scale up maps any more, but it makes no fun running to the fight 3min in the game, except you´r making 128 players mode.

– Don´t ruin it within some super duper weapons one can pick and than camp with it…
– Build more setup slots for weapons and vehicles so it won´t be you who will nerf the weapons or the time of usage of last, but the player who will set it up right or wrong, build individual solders so one won´t be able to just copy these setting on his own solder…

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