Amy Hennig is working on a new Action-Adventure Game using Unreal Engine

Written by Ankit Gaba

Todd Vaxwick recently announced on Twitter that Skydance Media (Amy Hennig’s Company) is currently working on an Action-Adventure game that will use Unreal Engine. The team will include multiple industry veterans. In a Job Listing it states, “Amy Hennig (co-creator of the Uncharted series) and Julian Beak, both 30-year veterans in the game industry, have built a new studio with Skydance Media (the studio behind Mission: Impossible, Top Gun: Maverick, The Old Guard, Grace and Frankie) that is laser-focused on premium action-adventure games with rich, compelling stories. Our first productions will tap into the traditions of adventure cinema to create an engaging, energetic experience that captures the spirit of TV and film to excite both gamers and non-gamers alike. These games will be best-in-class for both visual fidelity and innovative gameplay on the latest console platforms and PCs.”
I cannot wait to see what this is about, and the concept seems pretty intriguing since they are trying to get non-gamers to like this game as well, and it will capture the spirit of TV and Film. I’m confused if this will be like a telltale game or like Amy Hennig’s Previous work.
Regardless of that, I cannot wait to see what this game turns out to be.
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