Alpaca Ball Allstars “the funniest Soccer Game” is releasing on 15th October for Nintendo Switch and PC

Written by Ankit Gaba

Badland Publishing and Salt Castle Studios have announced a “mind-blowing arcade soccer game,” which will feature alpacas.

Alpaca Ball Allstars currently has a release date of October 15th this year and later for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The developers describe Alpaca Ball All-Stars as “the funniest Soccer Game” they have stated that it’s a hilarious arcade soccer game that is aiming to combine the best of wacky classics like NBA Jam with funny physics that can make every match different from the previous one.

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Salt Castle Studios have also stated that you can expect competitive modes that will allow up to eight players. Alpaca Ball All-Stars will also include “a hilarious career mode” with a “crazy storyline” in the storyline the player will travel halfway around the world participating in all different kinds of alpaca ball games.

Alpaca Ball AllStars will also allow you to choose your Alpaca and customize the look of your Alpaca you’ll have to be ready to drill the rival goal using power and elasticity of Alpaca necks. Salt Castle Studios have also stated that “In Alpaca Ball Allstars there is only one rule which is to win you can ram your opponents and exploit the physics which will allow you to unleash amazing trick shots bouncing the ball of field walls.”

Salt Castle Studios stated that “There have been many soccer games and arcade-like soccer games, but none of them were as original and funny as this one is they the main key to mechanics of this game lies in the powerful neck of it’s players who can hit the ball so hard it can catch fire. the directions of the impacts vary on where your Alpaca is facing at the time, which will add the hilarious twist of dizzying as it is exciting.”

Check out the latest official trailer for Alpaca AllStars Below:

Realistic physics of the ball in Alpaca Allstars make the ball capable of bouncing in unpredictable ways depending on the shape alpaca Allstars will allow you to play with beach balls, rugby balls, and even dices. Alpaca AllStars will also feature various special powers which can turn the scoreboard upside down

There will be a limited duration of a few seconds among these powers. Alpaca AllStars will also include a piece of American football-inspired equipment that lets you knock out your rivals by ramming them and a tool that makes your Alpaca’s neck even longer, which multiplies the reach and power of the Alpaca. There is also a power-up which dwarfs the rest of the players including teammates so be careful while using it

The Physics of matches is influenced by the design and dimension of the field Alpaca All-Stars features tiny urban soccer fields to courts that don’t have any corners which allow you to play real tricks like bouncing the ball as if it’s a game of billiards.

Alpaca Allstars will feature a career mode as we stated before the best way to learn how to play this game will be with the career mode which you can play with a friend in local co-op, or alone you star as a newcomer and start your epic quest to become the best Alpaca you will have to form your team and compete in the alpaca world cup so you can save your home alpaca Allstars will allow you to travel all across South America and Europe to compete against different alpacas.

But if you prefer to focus on more direct fun, you can also play matches against other human players or CPU (up to 8, in teams of 4 Vs. 4), locally on Nintendo Switch and locally and online on Steam via “Steam Remote Play.”

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