Age of Empires IV rated for PC in Korea

Written by Ankit Gaba

Age of Empires IV might be closer to release than everyone expected. It was recently rated for PC in Korea. The expected release date for Age of Empires IV is late 2021, but we might be seeing something like early access because it has already been rated in Korea.

Games usually get rated around 60-30 Days before the release date in Korea, so my speculation is that we could be seeing a Public Beta for Age of Empires IV. I would expect to see more stuff related to Age of Empires IV at Microsoft’s E3 conference. There is still nothing about an Xbox version of Age of Empires IV, but I am pretty sure it will come to Xbox too after it launches on PC.
I think Microsoft might be up to something because of this rating. A release date for Age of Empires IV still has not been announced. All we do know and have is a release window. Hopefully, they announce something at this year’s E3. I cannot wait to see more of Age of Empires IV. It looks very intriguing, and hopefully, it gets a console port soon too.
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